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  • América y el nihilismo : Respuesta a Marta Traba
    Guillent Pérez, J. R.
    In this article, J. R. Guillent Pérez confronts what he considers to be Marta Traba’s “attitude of disdain,” in her use of the term “apocalypse” in a negative sense; in doing so he makes use of philosophical sources, such as L’être et [...]
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  • El nihilismo : con un recado para Marta Traba
    Guillent Pérez, J. R.
    The Venezuelan philosopher J. R. Guillent Pérez (1923–89) launches into his article quoting Heidegger and Krishnamurti on the subject of nihilism. He then shares some very pessimistic opinions about Venezuelans, whom he considers to be victims of [...]
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