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  • Nuno Ramos
    Tassinari, Alberto
    This text by art critic Alberto Tassinari was written for Nuno Ramos’s solo exhibition at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo (MAC-USP) in 1988. The show featured the artist’s most recent production based on “piles [...]
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  • Nuno Ramos
    Mammì, Lorenzo
    This text was written as an introduction to an exhibition of work by Nuno Ramos at the Venice Biennale in 1995. Here, the critic Lorenzo Mammì describes a range of Brazilian art and culture in the context of globalization. After pointing out the [...]
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  • Uma nova pintura e o grupo da casa 7
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    This text by art critic Aracy Amaral presents the 1985 exhibition Del Grupo 7 held at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de São Paulo, which she directed at the time. In it, Amaral examines the outstanding pictorial characteristics of a new [...]
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  • "111" de Nuno Ramos
    Tassinari, Alberto
    This essay on the subject of 111 the work by Nuno Ramos is divided into three parts. The art critic Alberto Tassinari begins by describing the sociopolitical, cultural, and ideological conditions in Brazil on October 2, 1992, when military police put [...]
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