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  • La instauración, entre la instalación y la performance
    Lagnado, Lisette, 1961-
    In this text, art critic Lisette Lagnado develops the concept “instauração” formulated by Tunga as a means to go beyond terms such as “instalação” and/or “performance,” which he deemed inapplicable. In Lagnado’s view, the word “ [...]
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  • Os obscuros objetos do prazer
    Coutinho, Wilson; Tunga, 1952-2016
    In this text, critic Wilson Coutinho asserts that Tunga’s art is an enigma within the Brazilian art scene not only because it involves “desire,” but also—indeed chiefly—because it exceeds the confines of intellectualism. Tunga was part of [...]
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  • Situações limite
    Venancio Filho, Paulo
    This text by art critic Paulo Venâncio Filho, written for the joint 1989 exhibition of Tunga (1952–2016) and Cildo Meireles held in Belgium, addresses the vision of Brazilian art within Brazil and from abroad, among other matters. [...]
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  • Tunga: os outros nomes do zero ou as metonímias do um
    Magno, M. D
    In poetic language, psychoanalyst M. D. Magno writes on the breadth of Tunga’s artistic production.  The text was published on the occasion of the artist’s first exhibition, which was held in 1974 at the Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro. [...]
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  • Proposta para a sala de arte experimental no Museu de Arte Moderna - Rio de Janeiro
    Tunga, 1952-2016
    This proposal was submitted to the MAM-RJ (Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro) by the Brazilian artist known as Tunga, for an exhibition of his work at the museum’s Sala Experimental. In this text, the author identifies the concept of & [...]
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  • Transparência do Desejo
    Brito, Ronaldo
    This text by art critic Ronaldo Brito discusses Tunga’s work on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Ar do corpo [Body of Air] held at the Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio) in 1975. After arguing that the work of all [...]
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  • Plástica do Desejo
    Coutinho, Wilson
    This review of Tunga’s work was written by the critic Wilson Coutinho on the occasion of “Tunga,” the exhibition of works by the Brazilian artist at the Espaço ABC (Rio de Janeiro, 1980). Coutinho describes him as one of the few experimental [...]
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  • Brasil na América Latina : uma pluralidade de culturas
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    Aracy Amaral comments in this essay on the term “Latin American” as an aesthetic category, which would suggest being identified as something different and also the need to search for universal values. This would be one of the paths: the denial of [...]
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