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  • El movimiento actual de la pintura en México : Los Retardatarios.- El Clasicismo.- El Academismo y sus falsas glorias.- La Anarquía.- El Nacimiento del “MEXICANISMO”
    Siqueiros, David Alfaro; Charlot, Jean
    This is the third of four articles on the nature of the current painting movement in Mexico. It classifies those painters and writers as retrogressive, who continue to paint under outdated and foreign influences without contributing to the local [...]
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  • El Dr. Atl y los antecedentes de la pintura mural contemporánea
    Moyssén Echeverría, Xavier
    Xavier Moyssén writes about mural painting’s nineteenth-century precedents, in private houses and in pulquerías [agave sap saloons,] and works painted by nineteenth-century students at the Academia; the artists, he includes, are José Obregón, [...]
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  • El “Salón” de alumnos en Bellas Artes
    Tablada, José Juan, 1871-1945
    A visit to the salon of Antonio Fabrés’ students inspires the author to praise the master and his teaching methods, whose rigor in drafting and striking subjectivity had trampled the old methods of the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (formerly [...]
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  • Importancia de la nueva pintura en nuestro país
    The author summarizes a lecture given by poet José Gorostiza in which he talks about the “little teachers” of the new school of Mexican painting, as well as the “affinities that are enough, in my opinion, to characterize the work in its [...]
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  • La pintura moderna en México
    The article suggests that only a few isolated painters existed in Mexico before 1930. Nevertheless, the text points out that by the time of the article’s publication Mexican painting already existed as a movement, shaped by indigenous art, although [...]
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  • Saturnino Herrán
    González, Jesús B. (Jesús Buenaventura)
    Jesús B. González, a friend of Saturnino Herrán, wrote this article for the magazine Azulejos. At first he states that he will not be writing art criticism, as he believes this “ha hecho más daño que las malas escuelas” [“has done more [...]
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  • La verdadera significación de la obra de Saturnino Herrán : los falsos criterios
    Mérida, Carlos, 1891-1984
    This essay is a severe critique of the literary figures that at that time served as art critics in Mexico. According to the author they critiqued art although they possessed no knowledge of the field. For Carlos Mérida, Saturnino Herrán’s art [...]
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