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  • Performance en la ciudad de Cali, un festival en acción
    Cerón, Jaime, 1967-
    In this text, curator and critic Jaime Cerón praises HelenaProducciones for having organized the Festival de Performance of Cali (1990-2009). He describes the historical context for the collective’s important social and artistic work in the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1129342

  • Angelitos empantanados y otros misterios de Cali
    Rodriguez, María Inés, 1968-
    In the article “Angelitos Empantanados y otros misterios de Cali,” curator María Inés Rodriguez makes direct reference to the work by Colombian writer Andrés Caicedo entitled Angelitos empantanados (o Historias para jovencitos) [Mired Angels ( [...]
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  • II Feria de Performance
    Díaz Polanco, Wilson
    This text is the second chapter in the book Festival de Performance de Cali-Colombia (2006) published by the Helena Producciones collective. In it, the collective’s cofounder, artist Wilson Díaz, describes the academic and social context from 1996 [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1102548

  • Una versión de la historia de Helena Producciones
    Díaz Polanco, Wilson
    This is the first chapter of the book Festival de Performance de Cali-Colombia [Cali-Colombia Performance Festival] (2006) published by Helena Producciones, the group that was started in 1998 and currently includes the Colombian artists Wilson Díaz [...]
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