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  • Sobre un arte integral
    Miró Quesada Garland, Luis
    In response to the hypotheses of an “integral art” proposed by Alejandro Romualdo, the writer states his belief that Modern art trends entail a progressive “destruction of reality.” This is why art’s síntesis cannot entail a return to [...]
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  • Gran problema del arte peruano es la falta de críticos : "Xanno" : Alejandro Romualdo Valle agregó que los que escriben sobre arte son improvisados o huachafos
    Valle, Alejandro Romualdo, 1926-2008
    In this interview, Alejandro Romualdo Valle (“Xanno”) reacts to the ideological turn that the debate as to whether or not there are painters in Peru has taken. He states that the real problem facing Peruvian art “is the lack of critics.” [...]
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  • Canto coral a Tupac Amaru : Tupaqamaruman ukhuti takina taki
    Romualdo, Alejandro, 1926-2008
    This is the sleeve of the 45 RPM vinyl record on which the well-known poet and cultural critic Alejandro Romualdo recorded his most famous poem, Canto Coral a Túpac Amaru, que es la libertad. The cover art is a Pop version of a conventional image of [...]
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  • En blanca y negra
    Miró Quesada Garland, Luis
    Luis Miró Quesada Garland believes it is necessary to address the questions concerning “art as a product and a form of social expression” posed by the painter Alfredo Ruiz Rosas and the poet Alejandro Romualdo Valle (whom Garland does not [...]
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  • ¿es la pintura moderna respecto de la clásica, culminación o retroceso?
    Miró Quesada Cantuarias, Francisco, 1918-
    In response to the question in the survey published by the Lima newspaper El Comercio as to whether “modern” painting is an improvement on “classical” painting or a step back, the various respondents agreed that different styles from [...]
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  • Sobre un arte integral
    Miró Quesada Garland, Luis
    The writer considers the term “integral art,” coined by Alejandro Romualdo Valle, a rhetorical excess, certainly inapplicable to any particular work, as a general rule. It is also specifically inapplicable to the artwork by Alfredo Ruiz Rosas [...]
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  • En blanca y negra...
    Miró Quesada Garland, Luis
    While Garland points out administrative and economic problems that beset art competitions in Peru, his emphasis is on the art standards that must remain important after all. This column alludes to comments written by the poet Alejandro Romualdo Valle [...]
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