Creator: Balza, José, 1939-×
  • Análogo simultáneo (sobre los objetos de Armando Reverón)
    Balza, José
    In this essay, as he discusses the collection of objects created by Armando Reverón, the Venezuelan writer José Balza considers different socio-political ideas about the role played by objects in society and their function as cultural building [...]
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  • La piel visual
    Balza, José
    In this essay about Mercedes Pardo and her painting, the writer José Balza describes the Caracas milieu where she was born and grew up, and her life in San Antonio de Los Altos, not far from the capital city. Balza talks about Pardo’s early days [...]
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  • La piel visual
    Balza, José, 1939-
    This article presents the retrospective on Mercedes Pardo’s art production at Museo de Arte Moderno de México (1978) by witnessing her international reach. Jose Balza focuses on the links that Pardo has with both Caracas and its [...]
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  • Maderas insistentes
    Balza, José
    This text by Venezuelan writer José Balza provides an overview of the life and sculpture of Pedro Barreto. Balza depicts the landscape of the Delta of the Orinoco River, where the artist was born, as well as his youth and relationship to his father [...]
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  • Manuel Espinoza: continuidad erótica de lo ancestral
    Balza, José
    Venezuelan writer José Balza reflects on the work of Venezuelan artist and cultural manager Manuel Espinoza. The author asserts that Espinoza’s work in the landscape genre produced over the course of his long career has had a marked tendency to [...]
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  • Marco Miliani : el sobrio y sabio esplendor
    Balza, José
    In this text, essayist José Balza places the early work of Marco Miliani in the context of the stimulating artistic and intellectual scene in Venezuela in the fifties and sixties. Balza cites writers and art critics who have followed Miliani’s [...]
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  • Mario Abreu : El fiero (y dulce) instinto terrestre
    Balza, José
    This text by writer and critic José Balza is the introduction to Las Puertas del reino, an exhibition of work by Venezuelan artist Mario Abreu. In it, Balza asserts that there is more to Abreu than his public image as a medium of the occult. His [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo : el espejo inverso
    Balza, José
    After a preface that addresses Mercedes Pardo’s painting [production], writer José Balza analyzes the Signes series. He explains that Pardo began that series by chance, owing to an impression of a nail cast on a piece of paper. Balza argues that [...]
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  • Ovalles : la oscura floresta
    Balza, José
    The essayist José Balza wrote “Ovalles: La oscura floresta,” which appeared among the texts in the catalogue for the exhibition Lenin Ovalles: Flora Full Oil, held in Caracas at the Museo de Arte La Rinconada in September - October 1989. After [...]
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  • Piel de la Mirada : entrevista con Gladys Meneces
    Balza, José
    This document is an interview of the Venezuelan printmaker Gladys Meneses by José Balza with. The artist talks about her creative process in rendering the prints she was making at the time of the interview for the book Poemas de Gustavo Pereira: [...]
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  • Todo el museo para Zapata
    Balza, José
    The writer José Balza comments on the exhibition Todo el Museo para Zapata (Caracas: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, 1975), artwork by Pedro León Zapata. After analyzing the popularity achieved in Venezuela as a caricaturist by the painter and [...]
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