Creator: Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-×
  • 11 Tipos : arte en Venezuela en los años setenta
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    In the book 11 tipos. Arte en Venezuela en los años setenta, the researcher Juan Carlos Palenzuela makes an exhaustive study of Venezuelan art in the1970s, a time when conceptual art was unquestionably being produced in that country. The author [...]
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  • Atelier huella
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    This essay by the historian Juan Carlos Palenzuela appeared in the catalogue for the Taller Huella exhibition held at the Venezuelan Embassy in Paris in 1995. Palenzuela briefly describes the pieces submitted by participating artists, whose work is [...]
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  • De engaños y otras lidias
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    This essay, written by the critic and historian Juan Carlos Palenzuela, appeared as the prologue in the catalogue for De engaños y otras lidias, the exhibition of works by the visual artist Miguel von Dangel held at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo [...]
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  • Elisa Elvira : una constante prueba de artista
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    A year after Elisa Elvira Zuloaga’s death, Juan Carlos Palenzuela takes a broad look at her contributions to Venezuelan culture, not just as an artist but as a promoter as well. In Palenzuela’s opinion, Zuloaga’s greatest contribution was to [...]
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  • Ender Cepeda color de familia
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    This essay “Énder Cepeda: color de familia” by Juan Carlos Palenzuela appeared in Venezuela 98, the magazine published by the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The critic provides a detailed list of Cepeda’s major themes that include [...]
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  • Eso era cuando López Méndez
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    The critic Juan Carlos Palenzuela interviews the visual artist Luis Alfredo López Méndez. The conversation yields information about the latter’s work as a painter, teacher, diplomat, congressman, TV program producer, journalist with the Cí [...]
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  • Follajes y riveras invisibles de Pedro Barreto
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    In this essay, the Venezuelan historian and art critic Juan Carlos Palenzuela reviews the latest work by the Venezuelan sculptor Pedro Barreto. The author points to the relationship between Barreto’s forms and their equivalents in nature and the [...]
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  • Guevara Moreno Balance
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    The historian Juan Carlos Palenzuela reviews the work of the Venezuelan visual artist Luis Guevara Moreno. In the author’s opinion, the works selected for the exhibition at the GAN (Galería de Arte Nacional) do not present a very clear or definite [...]
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  • Importancia y diversidad de la escultura en la Bienal Narváez
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    Historian Juan Carlos Palenzuela provides a detailed account of the first five editions of the Bienal Nacional de Escultura Francisco Narváez held at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Francisco Narváez de Porlamar (state of Nueva Esparta) from 1982 [...]
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  • La pintura latinoamericana de Poleo
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    In this critical essay, historian Juan Carlos Palenzuela discusses what he considers the meteoric rise of the career of Venezuelan artist Héctor Poleo, mentioning specifically the awards he won at a young age, his frequent travels, and his [...]
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  • La última entrevista : Pedro Ángel González
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    This interview by critic and curator Juan Carlos Palenzuela with Venezuelan visual artist Pedro Ángel González does not follow a question-answer format. Palenzuela instead lets the artist freely recount his early days at art school when he was just [...]
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  • Manuel Quintana Castillo : Visible / Legible
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    “Manuel Quintana Castillo. Visible/Legible” by Juan Carlos Palenzuela is the introduction to the exhibition catalogue for Manuel Quintana Castillo: Bañarse en el mismo río, which toured internationally. The text begins with an account of the [...]
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  • Segunda Bienal de Artes Visuales Christian Dior : tiempo de Creación
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    One of the objectives of this article by the art historian Juan Carlos Palenzuela was to analyze the Venezuelan art world of the 1980s. The writer also established the guidelines applied to organizing the second Bienal de Artes Visuales Christian [...]
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  • Siempre Leo
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    The critic Juan Carlos Palenzuela reviews the acquisition by the Galería de Arte Nacional (GAN) of forty Leoncio Martínez drawings and caricatures. In addition to being a draftsman and caricaturist, this artist was also a poet and critic. The [...]
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  • Una conciencia de arte latinoamericano
    Palenzuela, Juan Carlos, 1954-
    The Venezuelan critic Juan Carlos Palenzuela examines the career trajectory of Alejandro Otero from the perspective of the notions of “innovation” and “renewal.” [According to Palenzuela,] the lucidity that the Venezuelan artist and sculptor [...]
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