Creator: Zalamea, Jorge, 1905-1969×
  • Arte puro, arte comprometido, arte testimonial
    Zalamea, Jorge, 1905-1969
    In this article, Jorge Zalamea posits a theory about composition or poetics. His thesis concerns the expression and the assessment of art, and is rooted in the field of art criticism and theory. Zalamea refers to two traditional ways of thinking [...]
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  • Clasicismo, romanticismo y academicismo
    Zalamea, Jorge, 1905-1969
    This is the text of the lecture given in October 1934 by the writer Jorge Zalamea at the Teatro Colón in Bogotá on the occasion of the exhibition of works by the painter Ignacio Gómez Jaramillo. The essay begins with a general discussion on the [...]
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  • Introducción
    Zalamea, Jorge, 1905-1969
    In the introduction to his book “Nueve artistas colombianos” [Nine Colombian Artists], poet and art critic Jorge Zalamea explains the objectives of the publication, and discusses the Colombian art scene of the early forties. Zalamea starts out [...]
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  • La metodología del arte : una entrevista con Luis Vidales
    Zalamea, Jorge, 1905-1969
    In 1951, the weekly magazine Crítica published this interview with the Colombian poet Luis Vidales Jaramillo, in which the first two questions explore his teaching vocation, his historically and sociologically inspired methodology, and his [...]
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