Creator: Palacios, María Fernanda, 1945-×
  • Mercedes Pardo Pintura y vida (I)
    Palacios, María Fernanda, 1945-
    In 1991, María Fernanda Palacios analyzes the work of Mercedes Pardo. In “Landscapes: Soul and Geography,” the first section, she reflects on the role that they take in Pardo’s œuvre, arguing that her work is “ [...]
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  • Pintura y vida
    Palacios, María Fernanda, 1945-
    This essay by María Fernanda Palacios was for the Moradas del Color exhibition catalogue (Caracas: Galería de Arte Nacional, 1991) of work by Mercedes Pardo. The author delves deeply into the life and work of the Venezuelan painter through a series [...]
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  • Luisa Palacios : la pasión del grabado
    Palacios, María Fernanda, 1945-
    This text by Venezuelan writer María Fernanda Palacios offers perspective on the development of engraving in Venezuela in the 1960s in light of the activity of El Taller de Luisa Palacios, who was her mother. She relates the beginnings of the [...]
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  • Conversación con Gego
    Palacios, María Fernanda, 1945-
    María Fernanda Palacios and Gego spoke about the problems at the Instituto de Diseño [Design Institute] in Caracas. They discussed the teaching-learning process in the field of design as well as the concept and functions of this discipline, which [...]
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