Creator: Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972×
  • ¿Qué es nueva música?
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    Juan Carlos Paz defines New Music and that which contributes efficacious elements and solutions and points out the importance of the rise of dodecaphony for these new proposals. He stresses that dodecaphony is responsible for the experimentation [...]
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  • Campo de Agramante : Algo más acerca de-: “La consagración de un músico mediocre: Honneger”
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    This article continues the controversy between Leónidas Barletta and Juan Carlos Paz regarding the music of Swiss composer Arthur Honegger, which had debuted in Buenos Aires under the conductor Ernest Ansermet, of the Suisse Romande orchestra. The [...]
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  • Música atemática y música microtonal
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    This article points out the importance of the microtonal writing system developed by Alois Hába, who Juan Carlos Paz believed was continuing Arnold Schönberg’s contributions to atonal composition; the rupture with tonality; and the twelve-tone [...]
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  • Notas musicales : la consagración de un músico mediocre : Honneger
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    The article constitutes a written critique to a text published in Revista del Pueblo nº 8 (linked to the Boedo group) by Leónidas Barletta, about Swiss composer Arthur Honegger’s music—which was premiered in Buenos Aires by Ernest Ansermet, [...]
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