Creator: Guimarães, Aristides×
  • Manifestos: Porque somos e não somos tropicalistas
    Britto, Jomard Muniz de; Guimarães, Aristides; Marconi, Celso
    This newspaper article on the “Manifesto tropicalista” reproduces the text of the proclamation in nine sections. It begins stating its open opposition to the generalized cultural inactivity and against syncretism and protest trends. It declares [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111422

  • Inventário do nosso feudalismo cultural
    Britto, Jomard Muniz de; Fernandes, Anchieta, 1939-; Cirne, Moacyr; Veloso, Caetano; Gil, Gilberto; Guimarães, Aristides; Marconi, Celso; ANDRADE, Marcus Vinícius de; Aranha, Carlos Antonio; Córdula, Raul, 1943-; Varela, Dailor; Gurgel, Alexis; Silva, Falves da
    This manifesto voices a radical position on Brazil and its reality, and openly opposes the picturesque vision of Brazilian culture that, perhaps unwittingly, furthers underdevelopment. The signers of the document advocate the elimination of cultural [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111421