Creator: Abril, Julio, 1912-×
  • Ciento cuarenta pintores de América Latina en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Paris
    Abril, Julio, 1912-
    In this article, Colombian sculptor Julio Abril reflects on Jean Rollin’s criticism of the exhibition Ciento cuarenta pintores de América Latina [One Hundred Forty Painters from Latin America] at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris (1962). Rollin [...]
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  • Escultura colombiana
    Abril, Julio, 1912-
    In 1948, Espiral [Spiral] magazine (1944–75) published this article by the sculptor Julio Abril in their fifteenth issue. The article is illustrated with reproductions of seven sculptures by seven artists. Abril examines Colombian sculpture from [...]
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  • Neo Figurativo y Pop-Art
    Abril, Julio, 1912-
    In the text, “Neo Figurativo y Pop-Art” [Neo-figurative and Pop Art], Colombian sculptor Julio Abril presents Pop Art as “fashion’s latest war cry,” a U.S. contribution to the international art scene. In his opinion, Pop Art represents the [...]
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