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  • El pintor peruano José Sabogal
    Uriel García, José
    The aim of this article by José Uriel García, known throughout Peru for his book El nuevo indio, published in 1930, is to argue that José Sabogal is the emblematic contemporary Peruvian painter. Sabogal is, in García’s view, a founding figure [...]
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  • Extractos de El Nuevo Indio
    Uriel García, José
    El Nuevo Indio by the Cuzco-born historian and sociologist José Uriel García (1894–1965) outlines an astute proposal for the Peruvian national project. Rejecting forcefully any nationalist framework based solely on race or “blood,” Uriel Garc [...]
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  • Incanidad, indianidad
    Uriel García, José
    In this fourth chapter of his book El Nuevo indio, José Uriel García defines the concepts of “Incanity” and “Indianity.” With the advent of the Spanish, the author explains, “the history of the Incas came to an end, and with it Inca life [...]
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  • Martín Chambi, artista neoindígena
    Uriel García, José
    In this complimentary document about the photographer from Puno, the writer José Uriel García describes Martín Chambi as a “neo-indigenous artist” whose ethnicity determines Chambi’s “intrinsic skills.” Drawing on his close connection [...]
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  • Prólogo de la primera edición
    Uriel García, José
    This text is the prologue that José Uriel García, an intellectual from Cuzco, wrote to his book El nuevo indio. In it, he proposes the category of “the new Indian” (the English translation of the book’s title) to designate, in physiological [...]
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