Creator: Ortiz, Renato, 1947-×
  • Modernidade-mundo e identidades
    Ortiz, Renato, 1947-
    Renato Ortiz examines the concept of “identity” in the contemporary global world from a sociological perspective. Pursuant to Postmodernity—which he calls “radicalized modernity”—there is a multiplicity of [...]
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  • Da raça à cultura : a mestiçagem e o nacional
    Ortiz, Renato, 1947-
    This text is an analysis of the process through which black/white mixing ceased to be limited by the boundaries of nineteenth-century racial categories. This emerged in news commentary and studies of Brazilian culture. Based on those categories, this [...]
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  • Mundialização e cultura
    Ortiz, Renato, 1947-
    This book investigates the sociohistorical context of contemporary cultural production, emphasizing the role exercised by globalization and by “mundialização” (globalism) in this process. The author establishes a distinction between the two [...]
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