Creator: Guevara Moreno, Luis, 1926-×
  • Inmersiones gráficas y cromáticas
    Guevara Moreno, Luis, 1926-
    Luis Guevara Moreno describes drawing as “the quickest and most efficient way to capture form vividly.” He views drawing as the clearest way to convey a thought, calling it an especially pure form of expression in terms of both “the means and [...]
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  • La revista "taller"
    Guevara Moreno, Luis, 1926-
    The painter Luis Guevara Moreno—a member of Los Disidentes, the group of Venezuelan artists living in Paris in 1950—briefly reviews an issue of Taller (1948), the magazine published by the group Taller Libre de Arte that was founded in Caracas [...]
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  • Alrededor de la historia de "Los Disidentes" : respuesta a "Historia de una mítica disidencia" publicada por la Barraca de Mari-Pérez, en Últimas Noticias, el 9 de julio de 1950.
    Erminy, Perán; Guevara Moreno, Luis, 1926-; Debourg, Narciso, 1925-
    In this article, the group of Venezuelan artists called Los Disidentes (Paris, 1950) responded to the attacks launched at them in the Caracas press by the artists association La Barraca de Mari-Pérez (Caracas, 1947). Describing how their group got [...]
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