Creator: Obregón, Alejandro, 1920-1992×
  • [Cher Casimiro...]
    Obregón, Alejandro, 1920-1992
    This is a card bearing the letterhead of the Museo de Arte Moderno in Bogotá and a handwritten message. It was sent to Casimiro Eiger by Alejandro Obregón to introduce José Gómez Sicre, who is very interested in the plan for a modern art [...]
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  • El pintor Enrique Grau
    Obregón, Alejandro, 1920-1992
    In this article, Alejandro Obregón criticizes the exhibition of works by fellow painter Enrique Grau at the Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos in Bogotá in 1948. Obregón compares the work in this show with Grau’s earlier production, asserting [...]
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  • Primer Salón Intercol de artistas jóvenes
    Obregón, Alejandro, 1920-1992; Traba, Marta; Gómez Sicre, José
    This fully illustrated catalogue to the Primer Salón Intercol de Artistas Jóvenes [First Intercol Salon of Young Artists] (1964) is divided into five parts: the cover, featuring a photograph of the exhibition that took place at the first seat of [...]
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  • Acta de fundación del Museo de Arte Moderno
    Eiger, Casimiro, 1909- 1987; Acuña, Luis Alberto, 1904-1994; Obregón, Alejandro, 1920-1992
    This document is pertinent to the official founding of a museum of modern art in the city of Bogotá on July 27, 1955. The ceremony, which was organized by the office of Education Minister Aurelio Caicedo Ayerbe, was held at the Hotel Tequendama. [...]
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  • Salón Nacional de Arte Moderno
    Obregón, Alejandro, 1920-1992
    In the unsigned introduction to this catalogue, the writer describes the Salón Nacional de Arte Moderno (Museo Nacional de Colombia, in Bogotá, 1949). The Salón is a grouping of recent works by artists who were the leaders of the cultural vanguard [...]
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