Creator: Basso Maglio, Vicente, 1889-×
  • [El hombre es libre]
    Basso Maglio, Vicente, 1889-
    Vicente Basso Maglio sees “creative freedom” as a constant that lies outside historical time. In his view, it is intrinsically human—a pure concept not bound to questions of style in art, which are to his thinking, vulgar, ornamental, and [...]
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  • De la Tragedia de la Imagen : Barradas
    Basso Maglio, Vicente, 1889-
    The author outlines his convictions on “artistic creation,” associating them to searches that are transcendent and tragic in character (as manifested in the title of the article). He conceives that the act of creating derives from spiritual [...]
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  • Rafael Barradas
    Basso Maglio, Vicente, 1889-
    The essay by Vicente Basso Maglio was intended for the catalogue for the exhibition Rafael Barradas, organized by the Comisión Nacional del Centenario in Montevideo in 1930, a year after the death of the Uruguayan artist. [The artist was seen as] a [...]
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