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  • El debate latinoamericano en el arte : notas para um analisis
    Eder, Rita
    The Mexican researcher Rita Eder discusses the possibility of consolidating an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the art of Latin America. This in fact took place in the 1970s, when the subject of “changing mental habits” was raised [...]
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  • Una conversación en torno a Gironella
    Eder, Rita
    This text is a transcription of a series of interviews that Rita Eder conducted with a number of artists and intellectuals, all contemporaries of the painter Alberto Gironella [1929-1999], who debated the principal iconographic and literary elements [...]
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  • Why a Latin American Art?
    Eder, Rita
    In this text, Rita Eder argues that it is worth considering how Latin American art can distinguish itself from European art, and that it has done this at several points in its history by developing radical ways to integrate art into society. Eder [...]
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