Creator: Torre, Guillermo de, 1900-1971×
  • Nuevos pintores argentinos
    Torre, Guillermo de, 1900-1971
    This essay by the Spanish writer Guillermo de Torre presents an interesting comparison between avant-garde literature and painting in Argentina. The writer describes the new painters with precise commentaries on the visual arts, as well as touching [...]
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  • Aire polémico de París. Realismo socialista y arte abstracto
    Torre, Guillermo de, 1900-1971
    This text analyzes the opposition between social realism and abstraction in light of the Parisian debates occurring at the time; it analyzes the application of social realism to art, not in opposition to, but instead in relation to Abstract art. De [...]
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  • Dos utopías artísticas
    Torre, Guillermo de, 1900-1971
    The text continues the analysis of the article “Aire polémico de París” [Polemical Air of Paris] written by Guillermo de Torre on the opposition between socialist realism and abstraction, in light of the debates underway in those days in Paris [...]
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  • Respuesta a Julio E. Payró
    Torre, Guillermo de, 1900-1971
    This document is an open letter in which Guillermo de Torre responds to Julio E. Payró, declaring his difference of opinion with respect to the application of the term “abstract.” This letter responds to the one written by Payró regarding the [...]
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