Creator: Tavera, Rafael, 1878 -1957×
  • Pepe Gómez
    Tavera, Rafael, 1878 -1957
    This is a generally favorable review of the work of caricaturist and prolific draftsman Pepe Gómez. Rafael Tavera, artist and author of this text, states that he would like to see an exhibition of Gómez’s work, which is featured in “a number of [...]
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  • Reflexiones sobre arte : el intelectualismo y la evolución estética en Colombia
    Tavera, Rafael, 1878 -1957
    The text “Reflexiones sobre arte: el intelectualismo y la evolución estética en Colombia” [Reflections on Art: Intellectualism and the Aesthetic Evolution in Colombia] proclaims that the fine arts in Colombia have failed. According to painter [...]
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  • Notas de arte : el objetivismo y el subjetivismo en el arte
    Tavera, Rafael, 1878 -1957
    In this text, Colombian painter and critic Rafael Tavera analyzes the objective and the subjective tendencies in art, the two strains operative at the time. The first encompasses those artists who consider art imitation and direct interpretation of [...]
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