Creator: Gramcko, Ida, 1924-1994×
  • Mercedes Pardo : pincel, un violento bisturí
    Gramcko, Ida, 1924-1994
    The prominent literary figure Ida Gramcko writes for El Nacional on the work of the abstract painter Mercedes Pardo. In her text, the role played by art creators is duly taken into consideration: their individualities, and their tendencies in [...]
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  • Premio Armando Reverón
    Gramcko, Ida, 1924-1994
    As a prominent figure of Venezuelan culture herself, Ida Gramcko reflects on the success of the abstract painter Mercedes Pardo, 1991 winner of the Premio Armando Reverón. Being awarded a prize is not a “guarantee of the quality” [...]
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  • Un Album
    Gramcko, Ida, 1924-1994
    This article, published in the Caracas newspaper El Nacional in December 1983, was written by the Venezuelan journalist Ida Gramcko. The occasion was an exhibition of Mercedes Pardo’s postcards at Galeria Sagitario (Caracas) titled Inesauribile [...]
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  • Gego
    Gramcko, Ida
    The writer Ida Gramcko examines Gego’s Dibujos sin Papel [Drawings without Paper] and reviews them from a poetic perspective. Gramcko claims that, although they are aerial, cosmic works, Gego’s Dibujos sin Papel are metaphors for terrestrial [...]
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  • Última promoción
    Gramcko, Ida
    Venezuelan poet Ida Gramcko presents the last exhibition of the term and final exhibition of CEGRA (Centro de Enseñanza Gráfica, Caracas) [Center for Graphic Studies, Caracas]. In her text, she underscored the fundamental concept that drives [...]
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