Creator: González, Miguel, 1950-×
  • Obrero : dónde estás que no te veo!
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    The Colombian critic Miguel González performed a critical analysis of the visual artwork and writings of Clemencia Lucena. The article refers to Lucena’s recently published book, Anotaciones políticas sobre la pintura colombiana. Using a clearly [...]
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  • Patricia Bonilla : más allá de la fotografía
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    The Colombian curator and art critic Miguel González reviews the work of the photographer Patricia Bonilla in minute detail. The review begins with an interesting sentence: “These days it is not unusual to find interrelationships used in ways that [...]
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  • Rosemberg Sandoval
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    This text by Colombian curator and critic Miguel González was among the materials included in the catalogue Rosemberg Sandoval reflexionarte X Festival Internacional de Arte de Cali, published in 2001 in conjunction with an event sponsored by the [...]
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  • Elías Heim
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    In this text, Miguel González provides a brief overview of the life of Colombian artist Elías Heim, placing particular emphasis on his education in Jerusalem (Israel) and Munich (Germany), and his production from 1991 to 1997. González discusses [...]
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  • Cali
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    This article, written by the Colombian critic Miguel González for the reviews section of the 8th volume of the magazine Re-vista de arte y arquitectura en Latinoamérica [Review of Art and Architecture in Latin America] (published in [...]
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  • Sobre Marta Elena Vélez
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    Art critic Miguel González wrote the text “Sobre Marta Elena Vélez” for the exhibition Marta Elena Vélez [1980-1986] held at the Museo de Arte Moderno of Medellín (MAMM). González compares Vélez’s first exhibition, which took place in [...]
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  • El dibujo colombiano década del sesenta
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    In the text published in the foldout poster for the show El dibujo colombiano década del sesenta (1981), Miguel González argues that, in the sixties, drawing—whether produced by young artists or by well established figures from [...]
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  • Al ritmo del Caribe
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    The text “Al ritmo del Caribe” was written by art critic and curator Miguel González, a crucial figure in the development of art from the city of Cali in the seventies. González writes about a series of events and situations in the Colombian [...]
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  • Las mujeres de Tejada
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    This article by the art critic Miguel González describes in great detail Hernando Tejada’s series of wooden sculptures of women. Tejada became interested in working with wood in 1963 when, at Marta Traba’s invitation, he was exploring the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1099351

  • Miguel Ángel Rojas : la realidad como reflexión
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    This review by the art critic Miguel González, published in the Revista Arte en Colombia [Art in Colombia Magazine], considers the work of Miguel Ángel Rojas, and discusses his constant questioning of the procedures involved in Realism and indeed [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1098370

  • I Bienal de arte de Bogotá
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    “I Bienal de Arte de Bogotá” [1st Bogotá Art Biennial], by the Colombian critic and curator Miguel González, is a newspaper article about the event that took place at the Museo de Arte Moderno [Museum of Modern Art] in Bogotá in 1988. Gonzá [...]
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  • El último Salón Nacional
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    In this article, Miguel González, director of the Museo de Arte Moderno of Cali (La Tertulia) at the time, discusses what he deems the most important features of the XXXIII Salón Nacional de Artistas in Colombia (1990). González starts off by [...]
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  • Alicia Barney entre la realidad del arte y la de la vida
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    Critic Miguel González begins this interview with Alicia Barney acknowledging the seriousness with which she undertakes her work. The conversation, which took place in 1983, addresses Barney’s experience starting with her academic training in [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1087494

  • [Oscar Muñoz (Popayán, 1951) realizó su primera exhibición...]
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    Colombian curator and art critic Miguel González provides an overview of Óscar Muñoz’s work from his first solo exhibition in Colombia through 1987, focusing on questions like the dichotomy between appearance and reality, light, and the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1080345

  • Alicia Barney : el paisaje alternativo : aferrada al drama que la naturaleza provoca
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    The article “Alicia Barney: el paisaje alternativo, aferrada al drama que la naturaleza provoca” [Alicia Barney: The alternative landscape, clinging to the drama that nature brings] by Colombian critic Miguel González was published in the [...]
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  • Alcántara : gráfica atenta
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    This is an article written by Miguel González for the newspaper El País de Cali on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition of work by Colombian draftsman and printmaker Pedro Alcántara presented at the Luis Ángel Arango Library in Bogotá. [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1076497

  • Análisis de la obra de Feliza Burstyn [sic]
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    This article, entitled “Análisis de la obra de Feliza Burstyn” [Analysis of Feliza Burstyn’s Work], was published on September 25, 1974 in the Cali-based newspaper El País. It is one of the responses to art critic and historian Álvaro Medina [...]
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