Creator: Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-×
  • [Letter] 1950 June 15, Paris, France [to] Casimiro Eiger
    Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-
    This letter was written by Jorge Gaitán Durán a few days after he arrived in Paris in 1950. It is addressed to his Polish friend in Bogotá, the art critic Casimiro Eiger. The letter rambles through several subjects, including Gaitán’s [...]
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  • El año artístico de 1946: pintura y escultura
    Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-
    In this article, poet and art critic Jorge Gaitán Durán takes stock of the activities that took place on the Colombian art scene in 1946. He begins with a reflection on the overall state of the visual arts in the country. He asserts that 1946 [...]
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  • La pintura de Grau Araujo
    Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-
    In this article, Jorge Gaitán Durán discusses the work produced by the Colombian artist Enrique Grau in the late 1940s. Gaitán Durán mentions one of the main paradoxes of modern art: that principles and solutions exist [...]
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  • La exposición de Cecilia Porras
    Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-
    Critic Jorge Gaitán Durán presents artist Cecilia Porras in relation to recent Colombian art history and to the specificity of her work. Gaitán Durán deems Porras “the greatest revelation in Colombian painting” of the time and one of the [...]
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  • Plásticas : el arte de Édgar Negret
    Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-
    In this article, the critic Jorge Gaitán Durán discusses the work of the sculptor Edgar Negret. The former refers to the Colombian artist’s commitment to addressing the country’s social conditions in his work. This commitment is visible in the [...]
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  • La pintura de Wiedemann
    Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-
    In this review, the Colombian critic Jorge Gaitán Durán praises the work of the German painter Guillermo Wiedemann in terms of its ability to synthesize a range of aesthetic and human components. The author begins by referring to the previous [...]
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  • Plásticas : la pintura de Eduardo Ramírez
    Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-
    In this article, the poet and critic Jorge Gaitán Durán discusses the development of sculptor Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar as a painter. The author outlines the artist’s career and refers to some of the artist’s technical traits; he praises the [...]
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  • La densa nube del ser
    Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-
    In his article “La Densa Nube del Ser” [The Dense Cloud of the Self], published in El Espectador in Bogotá on October 12, 1958, the Colombian poet, writer, and publisher of the cultural magazine Mito [Myth] Jorge Gaitán Durán waxes poetic in [...]
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  • Panorama de la pintura joven : la pintura nueva de Colombia
    Gaitán Durán, Jorge, 1924-
    Poet and occasional art critic Jorge Gaitán Durán asserts that the show Pintores colombianos jóvenes [Young Colombian Painters] was historically significant because it was the first salon of young artists held in Colombia. He states that the event [...]
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