Creator: Zum Felde, Alberto, 1888-×
  • Exposición de "La Casa del Arte"
    Zum Felde, Alberto, 1888-
    This is an essay written by Alberto Zum Felde, the director of the magazine La Pluma (Montevideo, 1927−31), in which he describes “La Casa de Arte” (a cultural center created at the initiative of the Uruguayan minister of public education in [...]
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  • Principios de una cultura americana
    Zum Felde, Alberto, 1888-
    Uruguayan essayist, historian, and critic Alberto Zum Felde sums up his position on the possible origin of a culture unique to the South American continent. He looks to two major influences: Spanish culture since the time of colonization and French [...]
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  • Programa
    Zum Felde, Alberto, 1889-1976
    In 1927, on the occasion of the first published volume of the magazine La Pluma, the editors outline the basic themes and profiles planned for subsequent editions. Such tenets included an early adherence to the cosmopolitan and eclectic practices [...]
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