Creator: Guinle, Jorge, 1947-1987×
  • Victor Arruda: sem modos, ou quando o pior é melhor
    Guinle, Jorge, 1947-1987
    The painter Jorge Guinle Filho discusses the work of Victor Arruda, another painter of his generation. In Guinle’s opinion, Arruda’s paintings reveal a level of “poverty” in terms of their materials and their technique, a quality that became [...]
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  • Papai era surfista profissional, mamãe fazia mapa astral legal: "Geração 80" ou como matei uma aula de arte num shopping center
    Guinle, Jorge, 1947-1987
    The young painter Jorge Guinle thinks the exhibition Como vai você, Geração 80? [How Are You Doing, 80s Generation?] provides extensive insight into the overall, and not just artistic, mood of the 1980s when the event took place at the Escola de [...]
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  • O conceito da imagem na nova pintura do sé. XX
    Guinle, Jorge, 1947-1987
    In this article, the young painter Jorge Guinle looks at how Brazilian painters of his generation—“Geração 80”—approach the image. He describes its characteristics in terms of a recent overview of art and a history that is mainly focused on [...]
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  • Expressionismo vs. neo-expressionismo
    Guinle, Jorge, 1947-1987
    The young Brazilian painter Jorge Guinle discusses the painting produced by internationally recognized artists of the 1980s (such as Philip Guston, Julian Schnabel, and Enzo Cucchi, among others), and compares their work to the legacy of early [...]
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  • A pintura contra a parede
    Guinle, Jorge, 1947-1987
    This document is a conversation between the painter Jorge Guinle and the critic Ronaldo Brito; the artists Carlos Vergara and Tunga are also part of the conversation. Focusing on the area he addresses in his ideas, Guinle discusses general aspects of [...]
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  • Leonilson: a implosão da imagem
    Guinle, Jorge, 1947-1987
    To what extent did artists involved in the transavantgarde deviate from that modern tradition that tirelessly sought to create something new? This is the basic question that Jorge Guinle asks in this article. He sees that the new “school” [...]
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