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  • A essência do prazer
    Costa, Marcus de Lontra
    This is the introductory essay for À Flor da Pele [Skin Deep], the exhibition that the art critic Marcus Lontra Costa organized at the gallery in the Centro Empresarial Rio in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1983. It is an energetic defense of “ [...]
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  • A festa acabou? A festa continua?
    Costa, Marcus de Lontra
    Critic Marcus Lontra Costa takes stock of the eighties on the basis of the exhibition Como vai você, Geração 80? held at the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro in 1984. Lontra Costa and his colleagues are particularly [...]
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  • Cláudio Fonseca : justiça e verdade
    Costa, Marcus de Lontra
    This is the art critic Marcus Lontra Costa’s essay about the painter Cláudio Fonseca. In his preamble, Lontra takes a close look at this contemporary artist and concludes that he lives in the moment, in a place where the only possible artistic [...]
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  • Debate : as instituições culturais
    Costa, Marcus de Lontra; Morais, Frederico, 1936-; Aquino, Adriano de, 1946-; Herkenhoff, Paulo; Vieira, Valério, 1862-1941
    This document presents a debate promoted by the journal Módulo about the crisis in the cultural institutions of Rio de Janeiro. It took place just one decade after this city was replaced as the capital of Brazil. First, the debate addresses both the [...]
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  • Debate: fotografia
    Costa, Marcus de Lontra; Vasquez, Pedro; Barbosa, Sebastião; Bosco, João, 1946-; Garcia, Januario; Montenegro, Milton, 1954-; Rio Branco, Miguel; Gonçalves, Guy
    This text is a debate involving photographers Pedro Vásquez, Sebastião Barbosa, João Bosco, Januário Garcia, Milton Montenegro, Miguel Rio Branco, and Guy Gonçalves, organized by the magazine Módulo. In his presentation of the debate, critic [...]
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  • Luiz Áquila: vai passar, vai ficar (a evolução da liberdade e a persistência da memória)
    Costa, Marcus de Lontra
    In this article the critic Marcus Lontra Costa talks about the painter Luiz Áquila. Lontra begins with a discussion of the “spiritual” conditions involved in the so-called “return to painting” movement of the 1980s. According to the author, [...]
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