Creator: Melé, Juan N., 1923-×
  • [La conquista de la invención concreta...]
    Melé, Juan N., 1923-
    Juan Melé suggests that the goal of Concrete art is to be a comprehensive mode of expression. He also thinks that Concrete art is a humanist pursuit since it uses mankind’s knowledge. In his opinion, this art will continue to develop as it [...]
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  • Planteo concreto de la pintura bidimensional
    Melé, Juan N., 1923-
    Given that painting is two-dimensional and static, Mele highlights three factors to consider within the parameters of Concrete art: the use of the two-dimensional approaches, the use of plastic elements organized on the plane, and the fact that any [...]
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  • En torno al taller escuela de C. Marcovich
    Melé, Juan N., 1923-
    This article discusses different concepts associated with the representation of objective reality. In the discussion, Mele focuses on those tenets expressed in the manifesto of the school-workshop directed by Professor Cecilia Marcovich [...]
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