Creator: Kay, Ronald, 1941-×
  • ronald kay : N.N. : aUTOPsIA (rudimentos teóricos para una visualidad marginal)
    Kay, Ronald, 1941-
    In this essay, divided into five sections, Ronald Kay analyzes and describes certain aspects of Eugenio Dittborn’s work. In “El cuerpo que mancha” (The Body that Stains) Kay discusses the body’s various fluids in terms of [...]
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  • Addenda
    Kay, Ronald, 1941-
    In this essay Ronal Kay describes photography as a cross between time and space. The documentary and testimonial potential that images possess stems from the fact that they emerge at the intersection between temporality and spatiality. Kay claims [...]
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  • América = topo/grafia foto/grafia (efecto de las primeras intervenciones fotográficas en el nuevo mundo)
    Kay, Ronald, 1941-
    “América = topo/grafía foto/gráfica (efecto de las primeras intervenciones fotográficas en el nuevo mundo)” (America = photo/graphic topo/graphy [the effect of the first photographic forays into the new world [...]
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  • Kay: rewriting
    Kay, Ronald, 1941-
    The text by Ronald Kay is presented as a written-visual statement in the quote from the edition of “El quebrantahuesos” that explored a form of experimental poetry, developed in 1952, which Kay here reclaims and editorializes. This essay outlines [...]
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