Creator: Zúñiga, Francisco, 1912-1998×
  • Escultura
    Zúñiga, Francisco, 1912-1998
    The sculptor Francisco Zúñiga is going through a time of transition in the arts, when the old artists are confronted with young sculptors who are in search of quick success for their works. Taking the opposite view, he admires the long time it took [...]
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  • La decadencia de las escuelas de arte
    Zúñiga, Francisco, 1912-1998
    The sculptor Francisco Zúñiga analyzes the reasons for the failure of the art schools. He acknowledges that the art schools do not graduate artists; the students are rather there to learn a set of techniques that are essential to making art. La [...]
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  • Notas sobre la escultura mexicana contemporánea
    Zúñiga, Francisco, 1912-1998
    In a 1956 interview with a Costa Rican magazine, the sculptor Francisco Zúñiga—who was born in Costa Rica—speaks about the current art environment for sculpture. Given the current trend to integrate sculpture with architecture, he wonders if [...]
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