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  • Conditions for producing chicana art
    Venegas, Sybil
    In this essay, art historian and curator Sybil Venegas discusses the social and economic conditions that led to the public emergence of Chicana artists in the 1970s. According to Venegas, by the 1970s Chicanas had developed both the economic means, [...]
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  • Introduction
    Venegas, Sybil
    This essay by Sybil Venegas was the introduction to the catalogue of the 1990 exhibition, Image and Identity,which was curated by him and held at the Laband Art Gallery, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. According to Venegas, [...]
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  • The artists and their work - The role of the chicana artist
    Venegas, Sybil
    In this essay, art historian Sybil Venegas examines the role of the Chicana artist in the creation of Chicana identity, as well as its general influence on the identity of the Chicano community. She focuses her study on the Chicana artists active in [...]
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  • The day of the dead in Aztlán : chicano variations on the theme of life, death and self-preservation
    Venegas, Sybil
    In this essay, art historian Sybil Venegas traces the history of the Day of the Dead rituals from their roots in ancient Mexico to the twentieth-century revival and reinvention in Aztlan, the southwestern part of the United States. The evolution of [...]
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