Creator: Milliet, Sérgio, 1898-1966×
  • Cícero Dias, no Rio
    Milliet, Sérgio, 1898-1966
    This text by Sérgio Milliet is a review of a show of recent abstract paintings by Cícero Dias held in Rio de Janeiro. In it, Milliet formulates an opposition between figuration and abstraction. The author also asserts that, in his view, Dias’s [...]
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  • O Museu de Arte Moderna
    Milliet, Sérgio, 1898-1966
    This document records the founding of the MAM-SP (Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo) and describes its initial activities, including the exhibition of Abstract work organized by René Drouin (director of the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris). In [...]
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  • Jorge Mori
    Milliet, Sérgio, 1898-1966
    This text on the young painter of Japanese origins, Jorge Mori, was written by the critic Sérgio Milliet, who noted that the 14-year-old artist had been painting since he was a young child. The critic states his admiration for Mori’s artwork, [...]
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  • Duas exposições
    Milliet, Sérgio, 1898-1966
    Critique by Sérgio Milliet of the manifesto recently released by grupo “ruptura” (1952) during the group’s inaugural show of geometric constructive art at the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo in December of that same year. Despite praising [...]
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  • Luz - paisagem - arte nacional
    Milliet, Sérgio, 1898-1966
    In this article, the art critic Sérgio Milliet continues an ongoing debate with his colleague Luiz Martins. This debate had played out in installments in publications such as Arte e Polêmica, as well as in lectures on a couple of themes that were [...]
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  • Pintura moderna
    Milliet, Sérgio, 1898-1966
    In his essay, critic Sérgio Milliet analyzes the painting taking place in São Paulo at the end of the 1930s, with an eye toward two exhibitions: the first, at the II Salão de Maio and the other, at the Salão do Sindicato dos Artistas Plásticos ( [...]
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