Creator: Prado, Pedro, 1886-1952×
  • Juan Francisco González
    Prado, Pedro, 1886-1952
    Pedro Prado writes about Juan Francisco González after he had passed away, referring to him as “his teacher,” the teacher who taught him how to see as a painter, to find the beauty in his surroundings. Prado describes Gonzá [...]
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  • La torre de Los Diez
    Prado, Pedro, 1886-1952
    Pedro Prado describes an architectural project undertaken by the group known as Los Diez. He is referring to “La Torre de Los Diez,” which they planned to build in a remote, quiet, free location with no great requirements as far as its [...]
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  • Somera iniciación al 'JELSE'
    Prado, Pedro, 1886-1952
    Pedro Prado discusses some of the basic principles that were shared by the members of the group known as Los Diez, outlining some ideas in this poetic text. He explains that there is a certain type of man who is endowed with a range of moods or [...]
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