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  • Homenaje a la necrofilia
    González León, Adriano
    In this essay, writer Adriano González León presents the vision of love, death, and necrophilia in the show of work by Carlos Contramaestre entitled Homenaje a la Necrofilia. González León conceives of necrophilia as “a resounding adventure [...]
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  • Investigación de las basuras
    González León, Adriano
    The writer Adriano González León contributes the prologue to the anthology of poems by Caupolicán Ovalles—¿Duerme usted, señor presidente?—in the homonymous book produced by El Techo de la Ballena artists’ group. González León claims [...]
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  • Tercer manifiesto : ¿Por qué la ballena?
    González León, Adriano
    In the “Tercer Manifiesto” produced by El Techo de la Ballena (Caracas, 1961–68), Adriano González León explains the group’s activities and the bond they share, under the pretext of defending the group’s name, which had raised some [...]
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