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  • Exposición de pinturas : Sala de Exposiciones, Universidad de Puerto Rico, 12 mayo 1956
    Universidad de Puerto Rico
    This document lists the painters who were members of the Surrealist group, El Mirador Azul [The Blue Lookout Point], and the works that were shown at the Exposición de Pinturas [Painting Exhibition] on March 12, 1956, at Sala de Exposiciones, the [...]
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  • Exposición El Mirador Azul
    Universidad de Puerto Rico
    A list of the eleven artists who took part in the 1957 exhibition organized by the Surrealist group, El Mirador Azul [Blue Lookout Point], and their works: Frank, M. Espada, R. Alberty, F. del Valle, J. Jolguera, L. Maisonet, Lima, Granell, G. L. Mu [...]
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