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  • [The above reverie from what is to date perhaps the most vivid...]
    Blanc, Giulio V.
    In this essay, Giulio V. Blanc discusses various reactions to the 1988 burning of a Manuel Mendive’s drawing in Florida, to explain the different attitudes held by Cuban- Americans towards Cuba. He then connects this to the larger issue of exile [...]
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  • Cuban artists of the twentieth century = Artistas cubanos del siglo XX
    Blanc, Giulio V.
    In the exhibition catalog for Cuban Artists of the Twentieth Century, which was on view at the Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida—from October 1993 to January 1994,—art historian Giulio V. Blanc opens his essay by noting the 50th anniversary [...]
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  • Introduction = Introducción
    Blanc, Giulio V.
    Guilio V. Blanc’s introductory essay opens with a brief overview of Cuban painters from the 1920s through the revolutionary period and it continues by transitioning to Cuban art created in exile. Blanc argues that the art of early revolutionary [...]
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  • Pequeña Habana = Little Havana
    Blanc, Giulio V.
    Giulio V. Blanc includes a brief bilingual overview of the different generations of Cuban American artists, and this includes the Miami Generation (those who immigrated to Miami in the 1960s), the Post-Miami Generation (artists born in exile), those [...]
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  • The Miami generation
    Blanc, Giulio V.
    In this essay, Guilio V. Blanc opens with an anecdote about exile, which he relates to the art of the “Miami Generation” featured in the exhibition. He explains that “The Miami Generation” is a term that came from an endnote in a 1983 [...]
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