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  • Carta abierta de H. J. Koellreutter
    Koellreutter, Hans Joachin, 1915-2005
    Hans-Joachim Koellreutter wrote this letter from Teresópolis, Brazil, in August 1950. In it, the German-Brazilian composer mentions the research he is doing, exploring new relationships between sounds that will lead to a Madí style of music [...]
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  • ¿Qué es nueva música?
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    Juan Carlos Paz defines New Music and that which contributes efficacious elements and solutions and points out the importance of the rise of dodecaphony for these new proposals. He stresses that dodecaphony is responsible for the experimentation [...]
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  • Música atemática y música microtonal
    Paz, Juan Carlos, 1897-1972
    This article points out the importance of the microtonal writing system developed by Alois Hába, who Juan Carlos Paz believed was continuing Arnold Schönberg’s contributions to atonal composition; the rupture with tonality; and the twelve-tone [...]
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  • Fundamentos para una música elementarista
    Werbin, Matilde
    This article discusses the advantages of musical composition that uses the twelve-tone system which is based on the objective properties of tones. According to Werbin, this tonal method allows composers to arrange the basic elements of music in [...]
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