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  • A casa do homem do século XX
    Carvalho, Flávio de
    Flávio de Carvalho proposes that, in the twentieth century, man’s dwelling be transformed in response to a new reality. In de Carvalho’s view, man spends most of the day in the urban universe—that is his primary dwelling—and hence it should [...]
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  • A crise da arte contemporânea
    Costa, Lúcio
    In this lecture, Lúcio Costa discusses the crisis facing contemporary art as a result of the changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution. He explains the intense nature of the reproduction and circulation of a work of art and discusses its audience [...]
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  • As artes industriais na cidade nova
    Dorfles, Gillo, 1910-
    Theorist Gillo Dorfles underscores his belief that cities could emerge from industrial production that included everything from domestic gadgets to buildings. In his judgment, the industrial aesthetic plays an important role in the formation of [...]
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  • O desenho industrial e a realidade brasileira
    Morais, Frederico, 1936-
    Frederico Morais calls for the rapid development of industry and industrial products, and stresses the need for a type of industrial design that reflects Brazilian reality. In this article, the critic discusses some of the ideas expressed in his book [...]
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  • Totalidade artística e posição das artes industriais e artesanato na cidade nova
    Barata, Mário
    In this text, Mario Barata ostensibly rejects the function of industrial art and crafts in the modern city. He sees benefits and drawbacks to the standardization of furniture and, naturally, of taste. On the other hand, he believes wholeheartedly in [...]
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