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  • La escena: infierno grande
    Nordenflycht, José de
    This text is part of El gran solipsismo, Juan Luis Martínez. Obra visual (Santiago: Editorial Puntángeles, 2002), the collection of essays written by the researcher José de Nordenflycht. The author considers the work in question [...]
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  • Poesia visual : reciclagem e inovação
    Menezes, Philadelpho, 1960-
    In this essay, the Brazilian poet Philadelpho Menezes pinpoints the origins of visual poetry, coining an expression to classify its forms, “intersign poetry.” He observes that visual poetry is not a synonym for “Concrete poetry,” even if that [...]
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  • Reacciones mentales
    Zayas, Marius de; Meyer, Agnes Elizabeth Ernst
    This is a visual poem by the Mexican draftsman Marius de Zayas, in collaboration with the United States writer Agnes Ernst Meyer. Based on a poem by Meyer, De Zayas produced this “psycho-type” whose belated translation into Spanish was written by [...]
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  • Xul Solar
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    The text analyzes Xul Solar’s career, keeping in mind that his life was an ongoing effort to penetrate the unknown. Pellegrini’s essay proposes a periodization of his artwork, even though each phase does not necessarily mean a total rupture with [...]
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