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  • Revisión histórico-crítica del dibujo en Venezuela
    Esteva Grillet, Roldán, 1946-
    In this text, researcher Roldán Esteva-Grillet writes about the history of drawing in Venezuela from the pre-Hispanic era through the end of the 20th century. He begins by describing the practice of drawing in ancient indigenous cultures in [...]
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  • Salón Femenino
    Eiger, Casimiro, 1909- 1987
    On the occasion of the Ier. Salón de Arte Femenino [First Salon of Feminine Art] in June 1951, the critic Casimiro Eiger begins this essay (written for a radio address) by wondering about the legitimacy and significance of an exhibition focused on [...]
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  • Texto y contexto del cartel puertorriqueño = Content and context of the Puerto Rican poster
    Tió, Teresa
    Puerto Rican historian Teresa Tió offers a brief overview of the history of the poster in Puerto Rico, from the time it arrived on the island until 1985. She analyzes the importance of the Puerto Rican poster and how it can be used to study Puerto [...]
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  • The beginnings of Chicano art : introduction
    Quirarte, Jacinto, 1931-
    In this essay, Jacinto Quirarte introduces the importance of manifestos when examining the origins of the Chicano movement, and in turn, Chicano art. Manifestos, he asserts, are essential primary documents for understanding the Chicano movement. [...]
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  • The Chicano art movement : interview with René Yañez
    Maradiaga, Ralph; Yañez, René
    This document is an interview between artist and guest curator, Ralph Maradiaga and René Yañez, both co-directors of Galeria de la Raza in San Francisco, California. Yañez speaks about the beginnings of the Chicano Art Movement and the growth the [...]
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  • The invention of America, an inquiry into the Historical nature of the New World and the Meaning of its History
    O'Gorman, Edmundo, 1906-1995
    In these texts, Edmundo O’Gorman analyzes the historiography of America, and, in the process, argues that the idea of America has been an invention of history. In “Part 1,” he traces the considerable efforts by historians to uphold Columbus as [...]
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  • The multicultural paradigm : an open letter to the National Arts Community
    Gómez-Peña, Guillermo
    In this essay, Guillermo Gómez-Peña discusses a major paradigm shift by which North/South relations have become more central to the United States, and how immigration has redefined the culture of the country. He states that this has created a new [...]
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  • Toward the future : chicano art, a voice of tomorrow
    Rodríguez, Pedro
    In this essay, Texas artist and activist Pedro Rodriguez begins the exhibition catalogue, Mutual Influences/Influencias Mutuas, by discussing the state of Chicano art and its history. He points out that reflecting on the origins, causes, and effects [...]
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  • Tres pintores contra la regresión : Luis Guevara Moreno, Julio Pacheco, Jacobo Borges
    In this anonymous article, visual artists Jacobo Borges, Luis Guevara Moreno, and Julio Pacheco voice their opinions of the image of Simón Bolívar the Liberator created by José Campos Biscardi. Guevara Moreno remarks on the conditions that make [...]
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  • Unidad y nacionalismo en la historia hispano-americana
    Picón-Salas, Mariano, 1901-1965
    Mariano Picón-Salas discusses the processes and reasons for the “integration” and the “disintegration” of the Latin American peoples during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, starting with their struggles for independence through the [...]
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  • Venezuela, Visiones de su pintura del siglo XIX.
    Rodríguez, Bélgica, 1941-
    The Venezuelan art historian Bélgica Rodríguez takes a look at the art produced in her country. According to her, twentieth-century Venezuelan art began with the landscape painters who were active in the early part of the century. She refers in [...]
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