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  • Transfixiones
    Escobar, Elizam, 1948-
    This text was included in an exhibition held in 1994 entitled Transfixiones. In the show, Puerto Rican artist Elizam Escobar brings up his concept of art as an act of liberation and even salvation, especially in the context of the aberrant obscenity [...]
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  • Domingo se autorretrata
    Cherson, Samuel B.
    The Cuban critic based in Puerto Rico, Samuel Cherson, comments on forty years of work by the Puerto Rican painter, Domingo García. In an interview with Cherson, García explains the relationship of his work to the style known as “arte [...]
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  • Destellos del yo : el narciso criollo
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    The Puerto Rican curator, Mari Carmen Ramírez, who is based in the United States, analyzes over five decades of the work of the painter, Domingo García, using the self-portrait as her starting point. It is well-known that the artist executed [...]
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  • Bodies and subjects in the technologized self-portrait : the work of Laura Aguilar
    Jones, Amelia
    In this essay, Amelia Jones explores the Post-modern notion of the “multiply identified body/self” that emerged in the art of the 1990s, by focusing on the self-portraits of the Los Angeles Chicana photographer Laura Aguilar. Unlike the body- [...]
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