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  • Nuyorican Aesthetics
    Algarín, Miguel
    Poet Miguel Algarin maintains that rather than a sign of ignorance the mixing of Spanish and English words by Puerto Ricans in New York expresses linguistic creativity. He argues that Puerto Ricans in New York are forging a new language and culture [...]
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  • Las ideas y las formas : Fantasía y realidad
    Crespo de la Serna, Jorge Juan
    The way Crespo de la Serna sees Leonora Carrington is that, in spite of being English-born, her artistic temperament is not of a kind to be circumscribed or limited by a specific geographic environment. Hence, “the world in which she breathes has [...]
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  • Un artículo sensacional de Richards sobre la arquitectura actual
    Bayón, Damián
     Damián Bayón reviews an article by J. M. Richards that appeared in the magazine Architectural Review in March 1950 that questioned some aspects of modern architecture. Bayón analyzes its development within the discipline and believes it is the [...]
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  • Sueños y ensueños
    Palencia Alvarez Tubau, Ceferino
    The critic airs his views on Leonora Carrington’s work on the occasion of her retrospective at the Palacio de Bellas Artes Museum. According to Palencia, at this point in Carrington’s career her œuvre is widely acknowledged and acclaimed; he [...]
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  • Leonora Carrington : Un lenguaje simbólico que expresa la realidad
    García Ponce, Juan
    In the writer’s view, Leonora Carrington’s work expresses different parts of a whole that complement each other perfectly: life and death, wakefulness and sleep, reality and imagination. These all express an alternate side of reality; which is [...]
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