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  • Da produção em massa de uma pintura (quadros a preço de custo)
    Barros, Geraldo de
    Geraldo de Barros presents an exhibition of a series of paintings by Brazilian painter and draftsman Nelson Leirner. His text discusses transformations in painting due to the Industrial Revolution and the new social reality that has taken shape [...]
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  • Quinquilharia e pop-art
    Pedrosa, Mário
    This text by Brazilian critic Mário Pedrosa looks to a text by Nicolas Calas—perhaps the “Pop Icons” chapter he contributed to the book Pop Art coordinated by Lucy R. Lippard (New York: Praeger, 1966)—on the “anti-art” stance of North [...]
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  • O "bicho-da-seda" na produção em massa
    Pedrosa, Mário
    The aim of this text by Mário Pedrosa is to discuss the situation of the artist in a modern society oriented to mass production—an essential consideration in current artistic expression. Pedrosa provides a historical overview that begins with the [...]
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  • Crise ou revolução do objeto: homenagem a André Breton
    Pedrosa, Mário
    According to Mário Pedrosa contemporary art is characterized by “objectivism” or by a rejection of self-expression. In this essay he refers to the symbolic objects suggested by Salvador Dalí and to “the crisis of the object” identified in [...]
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  • Crise do condicionamento artístico
    Pedrosa, Mário
    In this text, Mário Pedrosa reflects on the artist’s place in the life of society, explaining the shift from autonomous producer of crafts to producer of new cultural objects for consumption. He underscores the end of styles, which have been [...]
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  • Arte y subdesarrollo : reflexiones para asentar los pies en la tierra. Ponencia Casa de las Américas, La Habana, Cuba.
    Rodríguez P., Raúl R.
    Raúl Rodríguez Porcell’s thesis in this article is that there is a clear difference between art produced in an underdeveloped society and that produced in a developed society. In the developed society, there are modern economic relationships [...]
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  • El Machetazo
    Cortez, Carlos, 1923-2005
    In this text, Carlos Cortez comments on the need for a movement to liberate art from the market, private collections, and those who see the consumption of art as a means of separating themselves from the lower classes. He contends that too often art [...]
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