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  • Agorá o el espacio cuatridimensional
    Rivero, Tahía
    The curator and cultural promotor Tahía Rivero launches into her essay on the work of Pedro Tagliafico with a quote from Aristotle about agora [space]. After outlining this Venezuelan mixed media painter and artist’s career and his commitment to [...]
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  • Something’s Got to Give = Algo tiene que ceder
    Storr, Robert
    Robert Storr analyzes Gego’s work in the formal milieu in which it was created. The curator begins with an introduction in which he provides the essential information about her life, her late training as an artist, and the influence of Paul Klee [...]
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  • Introduction = Introducción
    Stringer, John, 1937-
    In the catalogue text for the exhibition Fanny Sanín: Obras de 1960 a 1986 held at the Museo de Arte Moderno of Bogotá, John Stringer, the Australian curator of the show, analyzes the work produced by Fanny Sanín, a Colombian artist who lives in [...]
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  • Sicrano, fulano, beltrano
    Naves, Rodrigo, 1955-
    In this essay about Cassio Michalany’s painting, the critic Rodrigo Naves initially confines his remarks to the “template” that the artist has used over the course of two decades to structure his paintings with interrelated bands of color. In [...]
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  • José Resende
    Salzstein, Sônia
    In this text, art critic Sônia Salzstein analyzes a sculpture in the collection of the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (MAM-SP) produced by José Resende in 1975. On the basis of this sculpture, Salzstein formulates the way that Resende’s work [...]
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  • Rafael Ferrer : an interview
    Kind, Joshua; Flanagan, Michael; Ferrer, Rafael
    In this wide-ranging interview conducted by Michael Flanagan and Joshua Kind with Rafael Ferrer, the artist starts by discussing how he made the transition from being a percussionist to exploring the visual arts. Ferrer purposefully did not seek any [...]
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  • Introduction
    Ratcliff, Carter
    In this essay, American art critic Carter Ratcliff offers a wide-ranging analysis of the diverse themes explored by Puerto Rican-born, New York-based artist, Rafael Ferrer, in his exhibition, Deseo [Desire] from 1973. According to the author, Ferrer [...]
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  • [La intención de construir la Forma exclusivamente con los atributos...]
    Oliver, Samuel
    In his presentation, Samuel Oliver discusses the new order involved in building form with its own defining formal attributes. He supports his proposal with simple volumes and takes advantage of pure, highly visible colors. The forms are built into [...]
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  • La visión elemental : las formas no ilusionistas
    Ambrossini, César
    The manifesto La visión elemental [The Elemental Vision] puts forth a Non-Illusionist theoretical position on the image: working with volumetric or flat forms, simple and concise, activating planes and volumes using pigmentation, the usage of flat [...]
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  • Muestra juvenil de estructuras primarias : en Vignes y en El Taller
    Análisis, an important weekly publication covering general information, publishes a chronicle of two “primary structures” exhibitions produced simultaneously in two galleries in Buenos Aires by a group of artists (many of them members of the [...]
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  • Defensa de la juventud disconforme : Testimonio estimulante en una muestra
    This is a review of an exhibition of new art that was held at the Faculty of Medicine during a symposium on social psychopathology. The event was a means of acknowledging the positive role taken by “dissatisfied youth,” both in visual arts’ [...]
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  • Fernández Bonina : 1 al 13 de julio
    Fernández Bonina, Tito
    The statement written by Fernández Bonina concerning the happening he presented at the Series is a brief description of the procedure (bring the viewers into an empty room, where there are no objects or other distractions of any kind). He also [...]
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  • [Hay artistas que originan movimientos y hay movimientos que engendran artistas...]
    Parpagnoli, Hugo
    The foreword to this catalogue was written by Hugo Parpagnoli—the director of the Museo de Arte Moderno in Buenos Aires, at that time—highlights the important role played by Dr. Isidoro Slullitel, the private art collector. He was a rare [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 753467

  • Rubén Naranjo : 12 al 24 de agosto
    Naranjo, Rubén
    Rubén Naranjo’s statement concerning the happening he presented at the Ciclo de Arte Experimental [Experimental Practices of Art Series] is sketchy. Rather than discuss the work itself—which is only referred to by its title—Naranjo explains [...]
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  • Lía Maisonnave : 17 al 29 de junio de 1968
    Maisonnave, Lía
    Lía Maisonnave explains her intervention, which was laid out on the floor of the exhibition space, by stating that her intention is to shatter “the static, conventional artwork/viewer link, because here the viewer is no longer in front of and [...]
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