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  • Universalismo Constructivo
    Cúneo, José, 1887-1977
    In his series of four articles, José Cúneo challenges Joaquín Torres García for having submitted to the VIII Salón Nacional de Bellas Artes—where he won the Grand Prize—a painting that, in the author’s view, has nothing to do with his [...]
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  • Forma e função na arquitetura
    Niemeyer, Oscar
    In this text, Oscar Niemeyer responds to criticisms that consider his architectural projects “formalist.” He clarifies that, in his view, architecture must enjoy almost boundless visual freedom in its creative content if it is to be a work of art [...]
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  • O depoimento de Oscar Niemeyer - II
    Pedrosa, Mário
    In Mário Pedrosa’s view, Oscar Niemeyer’s stance on architecture and its eventual recovery was shaken to the core when his social consciousness was awakened. Niemeyer was initially a staunch believer in the idea of “originality,” though he [...]
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  • Juan O´Gorman plantea el dilema arte utilidad
    Larrosa, Manuel
    Juan O’Gorman addresses the problem of architecture from the perspective of functionality versus aesthetics and concludes that the two opposites should be fused into one: “architecture should serve as a useful object and as an object of [...]
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  • Arquitetura brasileira
    Warchavchik, Gregori
    Gregori Warchavchik, the Ukrainian architect based in Brazil, defends functionalism within the context of modern architecture and, in his judgment, that definitions should be restricted to the potential and means of the materials used. He states that [...]
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  • México se transforma en una ciudad cubista : el sindicato de ingenieros se dirige al presidente
    This document touches upon the formation of the Architecture Council of Mexico City, as well as the protest that the Engineers’ Union made against the President of the Republic. The union argued for the transformation of the city through the [...]
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  • Las nuevas tendencias del muralismo en el mundo
    Mérida, Carlos, 1891-1984
    This article by Carlos Mérida sets forth the different formal and basic elements for the integration of several art fields: scale, rhythm, color and harmony. In the artist’s opinion, the new generation of Mexican painters possesses a tendency [...]
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  • Los nuevos rumbos del muralismo mexicano
    Mérida, Carlos, 1891-1984
    This essay is the first sketch of some of Carlos Mérida’s original concepts on Integración Plástica [Arts Integration]. He states that functional painting—the only path in contemporary art—should be created for the majority of people, in [...]
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