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  • A condição do lugar no site
    Mano, Rubens, 1960-
    Rubens Mano analyzes the relation between artists and urban spaces during the 1960s and 1970s, both of which introduced into the visual arts a key discussion of the implications of their entry into the core of urban life. The making of art becomes an [...]
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  • Atelier Piratininga
    Bonato, Ernesto
    This article is about the emergence of a group in São Paulo in 1993 that called itself the “Atelier Piratininga.” The members of the group were Ernesto Bonato, Armando Sobral, and Giorgia Volpe. In their early days they were mainly focused on [...]
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  • Gronk : off-the-wall artist
    Gamboa, Harry, Jr.
     Harry Gamboa, Jr. begins the interview with comments on the early performances, street theater, and multimedia conceptual works of Gronk from the 1960s and ‘70s. In the interview, Gamboa and Gronk both discuss the “No Movies,” an invented [...]
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  • Intervenções urbanas
    Peixoto, Nelson Brissac
    Nelson Brissac Peixoto’s introduction to the book Intervenções Urbanas, which he coordinated, presents the Arte/Cidade project, taking stock of the first three editions of the event held in São Paulo in 1994, 1995, and 1997. On the basis of a [...]
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  • Kay: rewriting
    Kay, Ronald, 1941-
    The text by Ronald Kay is presented as a written-visual statement in the quote from the edition of “El quebrantahuesos” that explored a form of experimental poetry, developed in 1952, which Kay here reclaims and editorializes. This essay outlines [...]
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  • Manga Rosa ao ar livre
    Dias, Carlos; Zorzete, Chico; Joca (?)
    In this text, Manga Rosa, a group of artists, describe how they started their collective work oriented towards building tridimensional pieces, much like and similar to architectural work. They refer to Arte ao ar livre [Art outdoors], a project [...]
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  • Manifesto Do Corpo à Terra
    Morais, Frederico, 1936-
    Art critic Frederico Morais argues that art as a social necessity must form an integral part of national consciousness and be considered a facet of freedom. He supports attempts to create conditions conducive to enabling the masses to perceive the [...]
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  • O Coringa
    Lopez, Fabrício
    This text presents “Espaço Coringa,” an eight-member art collective based in São Paulo. The main focus of the group’s work is graphic art that involves the public space [...]
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  • O movimento cultural ganha espaço
    Marie, Jeanne
    Based on the events of 1981, this newspaper article comments on the cultural environment in the city of Belém (Estado de Pará), which is located in the Amazonian equatorial region of Brazil. While on the one hand the visual arts and music were not [...]
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