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  • Marti; Poeta Nuevo
    Roa, Raúl, 1907-1982
    In this essay, Raúl Roa García analyzes José Martí’s poetry, especially his “Versos sencillos,” to highlight their innovative and modernist nature. To begin with, he comments that Martí cannot be placed in any “lyrical school” or “ [...]
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  • Poesía quechua y pintura abstracta : a propósito de una exposición reciente de pinturas de Szyszlo
    Westphalen, Emilio Adolfo, 1911-2001
    In this text, poet Emilio Adolfo Westphalen considers the series of paintings produced by Fernando de Szyszlo on the basis of the Quechua poem Apu Inca Atawallpaman written during the colonial era. Westphalen asserts that the relationship between [...]
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  • Malos Modales
    Calzadilla, Juan, 1931; González, Daniel, 1934-
    Malas modales (Bad Manners) is a 1965 book of poetry by Juan Calzadilla (1965) divided into four parts: “Criminal,” “Counting down to zero,” “Changing of the guard,” and “Hunting,” each composed of [...]
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  • Hachepiencia
    Padín, Clemente, 1939-; Paz, Hector; Linares, Juan José
    This essay is on “Hachepiencia,” the manifesto produced by the Uruguayan group Los hachepientos, which was formed by Clemente Padín, Héctor Paz, and Juan José Linares. The principal objectives of the group were outlined in the manifesto [...]
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  • Aguariacuar : la partida
    Jiménez, Maritza, 1956-
    The journalist Maritza Jiménez reviews the presentation of a book-sculpture that includes prints by Lihie Talmor and poems by the Venezuelan writer Edda Armas. Jiménez describes how the book was conceived and created by Talmor with support from [...]
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  • Canto coral a Tupac Amaru : Tupaqamaruman ukhuti takina taki
    Romualdo, Alejandro, 1926-2008
    This is the sleeve of the 45 RPM vinyl record on which the well-known poet and cultural critic Alejandro Romualdo recorded his most famous poem, Canto Coral a Túpac Amaru, que es la libertad. The cover art is a Pop version of a conventional image of [...]
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  • "La poesía de Vallejo tiene origen Breton" dice Sabogal
    Orbegozo, Manuel Jesús, 1923-
    The first part of the interview covers the start of his career and his training in Europe. After living in Buenos Aires (where he returned to his art studies), he returned to Peru in 1919. Sabogal states that “the Cuzco area cast a powerful spell [...]
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  • Manifiesto poético 1962 : explosiones radioactivas de la poesía nadaísta
    Osorio, Amilkar, 1940- 1985
    The poet Amílcar Osorio Gómez—who, for many years, signed his work “Amílkar U.”—wrote the second manifesto for the nadaísta [Nothing-ist] group (1958–70), a predominantly poetic avant-garde association that coalesced in Colombia in the [...]
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  • As três dimensões do signo verbal
    Kac, Eduardo
    In this essay, Eduardo Kac raises the possibility of a symbiosis between poetry and the visual arts, based on the use of new technologies in both of these art forms. He recounts the triumphs achieved by Concrete art when it presented the liberation [...]
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  • [No processo da revolução brasileria]
    This text was written by the Brazilian artist Abelardo da Hora for the exhibition called Civilização do Nordeste, organized by the Italian architect Lina Bo Bardi at the Museu do Unhão, in Salvador, the capital of Bahia, in 1963. Abelardo da Hora [...]
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  • Semana nacional de poesia de vanguarda: comunicado e conclusões
    Pontual, Roberto, 1939-; Morais, Frederico, 1936-; Xisto, Pedro; Leminski, Paulo; Sampaio, Márcio; Araújo, Olívio Tavares de; Santiago, Haroldo; Araújo, Henry Corrëa de; Lucas, Fábio; Parduani, Célio Cesar; Cunha, Ubirasçu Carneiro de; Pignatari, Décio; Pinheiro, Luiz Adolfo, 1940-; Neves, Libério; Campos, Augusto de; Nunes, Benedito, 1929-; Campos, Haroldo de; Avila, Affonso, 1928-; Lima, Luiz Costa, 1937-; Araujo, Laís Corrêa de; Sant'Anna, Affonso Romano de
    There are four subsections in the manifesto written by the Brazilian art critic Roberto Pontual: a) Awareness of the Form (that defines Brazilian poetry as a participating avant-garde whose function is to be creatively critical; b) Communication and [...]
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  • Semana nacional de poesia de vanguarda
    This text on the Semana Nacional de Poesia de Vanguarda exhibition is anonymous, although it refers to the UFMG (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais). It highlights the importance of the genre within the evolution of art, stating its goal of [...]
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  • Essa negra Fulô : Poema
    Lima, Jorge de, 1893-1953
    The subject of this modernist poem is the relationship between “Fulô,” a young slave girl, and her masters: the lady (“Sinhá”) and the gentleman (“Sinhô”) of the house. Fulô is urged to [...]
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  • Candomblê e makumba
    Péret, Benjamin, 1899-1959
    French Surrealist poet Benjamin Péret wrote this text on African religions after visiting Brazil. He establishes a counterpoint between Macumba and Candomblé rituals, which he considers “almost revelatory” poetic practices of “primitive and [...]
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  • A personal response : to some of the twelve points posited with respect to chicano nationalism
    Sorell, V. A. (Victor A.)
    In this text, art historian and activist Victor Alejandro Sorell ponders on arguments for designating Chicano people a nation: the history of the twelfth-century Aztec homeland Aztlán, —located in the U.S. Southwest,— included; the seizure of [...]
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  • [Hoja promocional, mayo 1988]
    Galería Manifestación Sintetista Actualizada
    This promotional pamphlet was produced by the MSA (Manifestación Sintetista Actualizada) group to announce the event “Poema del pueblo” held on the occasion of May Day or International Workers’ Day. The event took place at [...]
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  • Investigación de las basuras
    González León, Adriano
    The writer Adriano González León contributes the prologue to the anthology of poems by Caupolicán Ovalles—¿Duerme usted, señor presidente?—in the homonymous book produced by El Techo de la Ballena artists’ group. González León claims [...]
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  • "La esperanza del loro verde" en el trópico tabasqueño
    Soto, Leandro, 1956-
    Leandro Soto Ortiz interprets the sculptural works of fellow artist Raoul Deal that were featured in the exhibition La Esperanza del Loro Verde. Soto Ortiz positions Deal’s work within a Postmodernist current, contextualizing it at the core of [...]
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  • MARCH: The Roots Of Raza Art
    Zavala, Antonio
    In this article, Antonio Zavala offers a brief history of Movimiento Artístico Chicano (MARCH), highlighting the works of two of its members, the visual artist Carlos Cortéz and the poet Carlos Cumpián, as well as some of the organization’s [...]
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  • Huellas: avanzada estética por la liberación nacional
    Sánchez, Juan, 1954-
    Curator and artist Juan Sánchez compares colonialism to an epidemic that causes physical and mental harm. He maintains that the will of the Puerto Rican people to survive colonial oppression is manifested in their culture. Quoting from the writings [...]
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  • El Spanglish National Anthem
    Pietri, Pedro, 1944-2004
    Written to replace the words of En Mi Viejo San Juan—Puerto Rico’s national anthem and a song that expresses a longing to return to the island—Pedro Pietri’s Spanglish National Anthem alludes to economic factors that keep Puerto Ricans [...]
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  • Los sueños pintados de Alberto Gironella
    Paz, Octavio
    In this essay, Octavio Paz discusses the dreamy, surrealist nature of the work of Alberto Gironella. Paz points out that Gironella’s art is situated between the word and the image, and this is why he defines him as a poet of visual images: a & [...]
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  • A intelligencia brasileira
    Almeida, Renato
    This is a lecture delivered by Renato Almeida in Salvador (capital of the state of Bahia) on October 26, 1926. He praised the reformist line of thought that arose in Brazil as “a riot” against everything that was “sterile imitation.” He saw [...]
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  • La faena de nuestra América
    Mistral, Gabriela, 1889-1957
    This is the text of the speech Gabriela Mistral gave at the special session of the board of directors of the Pan American Union in Washington, DC, in 1946, the year after she received the Nobel Prize in Literature in Stockholm. The Chilean poet [...]
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  • América
    Mistral, Gabriela, 1889-1957
    In this brief essay, Gabriela Mistral makes a cultural reconstruction of the images of America, a “terrestrial Valkyrie,” that includes the social conflicts at the time, the responsibility of its inhabitants to see about the future of their [...]
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  • A Nemesio Antúnez
    Neruda, Pablo, 1904-1973
    In this short text, the poet Pablo Neruda writes about Nemesio Antúnez, recalling when they met and the friendship they developed over time. He identifies the different stages of this painter-printmaker’s career by referring to the [...]
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  • Los trabajos prácticos de Nicanor Parra
    Mellado, Justo Pastor, 1949-
    In this article, Justo Pastor Mellado explores the immediate connections that Nicanor Parra created for objectual (object-based) drawing in his Trabajos Prácticos series on the occasion of his exhibition in Madrid. The author raises [...]
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  • Un continente semiotizado en femenino : la escritura de Raúl Zurita
    Brito, Eugenia, 1950-
    In this essay, Eugenia Brito discusses three works by the writer, poet, and artist Raúl Zurita: Purgatorio (Purgatory), Áreas verdes (Green Areas), and Anteparaíso (Anteparadise). Through these works, the author created an impact [...]
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  • Con Vicente Huidobro
    Emar, Juan, 1893-1964
    In this brief article, “Con Vicente Huidobro,” Jean Emar discusses art and records the thoughts that the avant-garde Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro shared with him in conversations. They discussed matters related to Huidobro’s theory [...]
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  • [Letter] 1967 Marzo 4, Roma [to] León [Ferrari]
    Alberti, Rafael, 1902-1999
    Rafael Alberti, the Spaniard poet, remarks on how long it has been since they last wrote to each other. He refers affectionately to the Ferrari’s house in Castelar, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, and mentions his latest poems [...]
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  • Exposición de la actual Poesía Argentina
    This article announces the upcoming publication of the book Exposición de la actual poesía argentina (1922 –1927) [An Exhibition of Contemporary Argentinean Poetry], compiled by Pedro Juan Vignale and César Tiempo. The text also reproduces some [...]
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  • A Francis Picabia
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    On the occasion of a homage to Francis Picabia and Dylan Thomas, Aldo Pellegrini publishes his poem "To Francis Picabia." Beginning with the passing of Picabia in Paris, this poem is part of the tribute that the members of the collective editorship [...]
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  • Mi visión personal de Oliverio Girondo
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    The relationship that the critic Aldo Pellegrini established with the poet Olivierio Girondo, whom he met in 1948, stands out in this text. Pellegrini relates the closeness that developed between the surrealist group and the Poesía Buenos Aires [ [...]
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  • El poder de la palabra
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    This text reflects on the power of words, keeping in mind that each human being includes a little of himself or herself into the words that he or she uses. Avoiding to discuss the usefulness of language, Aldo Pellegrini raises two points: its [...]
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  • Preámbulo
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    Pellegrini’s text introduces a number of his writings published in different venues, collected in the book Para contribuir a la confusion general [To Contribute to the General Confusion](1965). Through his reflections, the critic warns that much of [...]
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  • El huevo filosófico
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    In this text, Mario Pellegrini, the Argentinean critic, reflects about the different understandings of reality. Pellegrini states that, while common man takes sensory perception as a source of learning, the Surrealists do not get rid of any aspect [...]
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  • [Un poeta que pinta provoca siempre...]
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    Pellegrini’s text presents a sampling of inks and drawings by Miguel Ángel Bustos, inaugurated simultaneously with the presentation of the book El Himalaya o la moral de los pájaros. [The Himalayas or the Morality of Birds]. Since Pellegrini is [...]
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  • Otra para “Martín Fierro”
    This article is a critique of Martín Fierro magazine for “having railed against the fact that none of our newspapers reported on Rainer’s death,” while that same publication did not take notice of the death of the Argentinean “poet” [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 737896

  • Roberto Montenegro
    Amador, Fernán Félix de
    In this document Fernán Feliz de Amadora, a writer from Argentina, writes about the possible association of painter Roberto Montenegro and the Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío. To him, the painter follows one of the newest trends in the art field, that [...]
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  • Los modernos
    This satirical poem deals with the modern Argentine painters who are defenders of “arte puro” [art for art’s sake]; in other words, any artist who opposed the socially committed art promoted by the Mexican artist, David Alfaro Siqueiros [...]
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  • Poesía
    Güiraldes, Ricardo
    In this text, Ricardo Güiraldes explains what he understands to be poetry: “I don’t believe in poetry that is produced according to a definition. Poetry is everything to which the poet inclines. This vagueness is, it seems to me, preferable over [...]
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  • Sobre la invención poética
    Bayley, Edgar
    This document is a programmatic source that established the bases for the creation of Argentinean concrete poetry and how it differed from other forms of poetry that, until that time, related poems to certain objects in the search for logical meaning [...]
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  • Situación del lector : estética
    Lugones, Leopoldo, 1874-1938
    In this essay, Leopoldo Lugones defines what he understands to be poetry: “love”, “verse”, “rhyme”, “[expression] of beauty”, and at the same time criticizes the Ultraist aesthetic [...]
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  • Las etapas de la invención poética
    Bayley, Edgar
    This article by Edgar Bayley reviews the different movements of modern poetry until it arrives at Invencionismo [Invention-ism], a movement in which words were composed in a new order quite different from logic, thus transforming them into the real [...]
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  • La poesía
    Bayley, Edgar
    In this piece, Bayley analyses the state of poetry in Buenos Aires.In his view it is a “daily challenge” that requires one to be alert and constantly aware of what one’s enemies are doing [...]
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