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  • [Letter] 1965, Montevideo [to] Fernando García Esteban
    Cúneo, José, 1887-1977
    In this letter to critic Fernando García Esteban, José Cúneo celebrates the recent publication of the critic’s Panorama de la plástica contemporánea uruguaya (Montevideo: Editorial Alfa, 1965). Cúneo then explains his ideas about color in the [...]
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  • [This exhibition includes images by Carmen Lomas Garza...]
    Lomas Garza, Carmen, 1948-; Marquis, Anne-Louise
    This document is the transcript of an interview between Chicana visual artist Carmen Lomas Garza and Anne-Louise Marquis, curator of Directions, a 1995 exhibition of her works. The interview covers a wide range of topics, including Lomas Garza’s [...]
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  • 40 dibujos de Luis Guevara Moreno : reflejan el hombre y el paisaje en la obra de Rómulo Gallegos
    This article examines how Rómulo Gallegos’ writing influenced Luis Guevara Moreno’s painting. The author quotes the painter’s description of producing paintings that illustrate “the setting in a Gallegos story.” Guevara Moreno explains how [...]
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  • Album del extremo oriente : A Hyoshio Furukava
    Tablada, José Juan, 1871-1945
    In 1900, Revista Moderna [Modern Magazine]— the bastion of modernismo in the Spanish-speaking world—published two important essays by José Juan Tablada on Japanese art, both of which positioned him as a prominent authority on that subject. The [...]
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  • Alpuy en la Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango
    Traba, Marta
    In this article, published in Bogotá’s El Tiempo newspaper on the occasion of Julio Alpuy’s first exhibition in Colombia, the Argentine critic Marta Traba reiterates her earlier strong critiques of the constructive system proposed by Joaquín [...]
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  • An introduction to the history of Mexican American art = Introducción a la historia del arte Mexicoamericano
    Ybarra-Frausto, Tomás, 1938-
    This essay by Tomás Ybarra-Frausto is included in the 1981 catalogue of selected works from the Mexican Museum in San Francisco, California. Ybarra-Frausto presents a historiography documenting the trajectory of Mexican American artistic traditions [...]
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  • Andrés de Santa María (Galería de Arte)
    Engel, Walter, 1908-2005
    In this article the Austrian critic Walter Engel reviews the exhibition of works by the painter Andrés de Santa María held at the Galerías de Arte in Bogotá. Engel begins his article by mentioning that the Colombian artist died in Brussels, [...]
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  • Apuntes sobre Amelia Peláez y el arte latinoamericano
    Rodríguez, Bélgica, 1941-
    Venezuelan art critic Bélgica Rodríguez suggests that Latin American art is largely homogeneous. She discusses the impact of different international styles and artistic movements on Latin American artists such as Cuban painter Amelia Peláez, who [...]
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  • Arte Latino Americano actual
    Traba, Marta
    In this book, Marta Traba examines how the growing influence of art of the United States has shaped the art of Latin America during the 1950s and ‘60s, and how Latin American artists have both succumbed and resisted the effects of this influence. [...]
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  • Bajo el emblema de la pava: arte y populismo puertorriqueño dentro del contexto internacional
    Goldman, Shifra M., 1926-
    The American critic and historian Shifra M. Goldman considers the influence that the art of the New Deal (the program introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States that existed from 1933 to 1938) and Mexican Social Realist art [...]
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  • Balas privadas, corazones públicos
    Aguilar, José Hernán, 1952-
    “Balas privadas, corazones públicos” [Private Bullets, Public Hearts] (1994) by the Colombian critic José Hernán Aguilar (b. 1952) is a chapter from the book Nueva imagen [New Image], which presented an overview of sociopolitical and artistic [...]
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  • Borderland murals : Chicano artifacts in transition
    Romo, Ricardo
    In this essay, Ricardo Romo discusses the vibrant tradition of Chicano muralism, proposing as his goals both an examination of the historical evolution of murals painted in borderland states across the United States (California, Arizona, New Mexico, [...]
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  • Carlos Basualdo in conversation with Doris Salcedo
    Basualdo, Carlos, 1964-
    In this interview, artist Doris Salcedo and critic Carlos Basualdo—who is from Rosario, Argentina—analyze Salcedo’s career from her student days in Colombia in the late 1970s to the present—the late 1990s—when she had gained considerable [...]
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  • Carlos Correa, pintor de la vida
    Uribe Piedrahita, Cesar
    Scientist and humanist César Uribe Piedrahita delivered this speech at the opening of the 1938 exhibition of painter Carlos Correa held at the Sociedad Colombiana de Ingenieros [Colombian Society of Engineers] in Bogotá. Uribe Piedrahita described [...]
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  • Cartas de Martí
    Martí, José, 1853-1895
    In this letter, José Martí considers a recent exhibition of watercolors he saw in New York and what it means regarding the state of art in the United States. He begins by recalling how disappointing he found an exhibition of painting he had seen in [...]
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  • Catalina Parra
    Bardeguez- Brown, Carmen; Bosques, Wilnelya; Irizarry, Angelica M.; León, Mauren; Mir, Claudio
    In this essay, Carmen Bardeguez-Brown weighs the influence of the Berlin Dadaists (1918–22) on photomontage artist Catalina Parra. Of Chilean descent, Parra went to college in Germany where she was exposed to Dada art in 1968. She was drawn to the [...]
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  • Catalina Parra
    León, Mauren; Mir, Claudio; Bardeguez- Brown, Carmen; Bosques, Wilnelya; Irizarry, Angelica M.
    In this essay, Carmen Bardeguez-Brown weighs the influence of the Berlin Dadaists (1918–22) on photomontage artist Catalina Parra. Of Chilean descent, Parra went to college in Germany where she was exposed to Dada art in 1968. She was drawn to the [...]
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  • Chicano art : an identity crisis
    Quíroz, Esaú
    This article documents an interview between Esaú Quíroz, a participant in the Chicano art movement, and the Mexican artist José Luis Cuevas. Quíroz and Cuevas discuss the present direction of the Chicano art movement, which Quiroz defined as [...]
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  • Contemporary Chicano art
    Monteverde, Mildred
    Mildred Monteverde’s social art historical essay provides a survey of the various artistic elements that comprised the Chicano art movement during its initial period in the 1960s and early 1970s. As an auxiliary of the Chicano political movement, [...]
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  • Conversations with Carlos Alfonzo = Conversaciones con Carlos Alfonzo
    Herzberg, Julia P.; Alfonzo, Carlos, 1950-1991
    Julia P. Herzberg opens her interview with Carlos Alfonzo by asking him about the period of transition following his immigration to the U.S. from Cuba in 1980. Alfonzo touches on the two- to three-year period in which he did not paint, referring to [...]
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  • Cuban art in South Florida
    Pau-Llosa, Ricardo
    Ricardo Pau-Llosa’s chapter focuses on fine art production by Miami’s Cuban-American population. Before discussing the work thematically, he notes that in Miami there has been a “resistance to seeing Cuban and Latin American Art as an equal [...]
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  • Cultura de liberación : influencias mutuas
    Híjar, Alberto
    This is an essay by Alberto Híjar Serrano in which he addresses the notion of culture as a product of history and, particularly in the case of Chicano art, an important element in liberation struggles. Híjar Serrano remarks on the relationship [...]
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  • Da arte e do trópico
    Freyre, Gilberto, 1900-1987
    In this text [dated November 14, 1964], the Brazilian sociologist Gilberto Freyre states that European culture has to some extent been influenced by tropical culture. In his opinion, “England today is showing the impact of the tropical arts within [...]
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  • Débora Arango, una discípula del Expresionismo : una artista colombiana
    This is an interview, complete with editorial comments, that was published in the newspaper El Heraldo de Antioquia on the occasion of the exhibition of works by the Colombian painter Débora Arango in Bogotá in 1940. Arango mentions the reactions [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1099456

  • Decadencia da influencia franceza no Brasil
    Andrade, Mário de, 1893-1945
    In this text, Mário de Andrade critically reflects on the French influence on Brazil, which was hegemonic in the second half of the 19th century, but mitigated, de Andrade argues, by the maturation of Brazilian culture. The author opposes the [...]
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  • El centenario de Taine
    Lleras Camargo, Felipe
    In this tribute to French critic and historian Hippolyte Taine on the one hundredth anniversary of his birth, Felipe Lleras provides a brief overview of Taine’s method and discusses the response to his thought in Colombia in the twenties. According [...]
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  • El escultor Piqueras Cotolí
    Barreda y Laos, Enrique-Domingo, 1879-1944
    The author recalls his visit, three years earlier, to the Academy of Spain in Rome, where, in his judgment, “the inexplicable frivolity and artifice of modern art are halted.” He praises the work of director Eduardo Chicharro, as well as that of [...]
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  • El hombre hecho de papel
    Armas Alfonzo, Alfredo, 1921-
    The historian Alfredo Armas Alfonzo wrote a biography on the life and work of the Russian artist Nicolás Ferdinandov, from the time when he lived in Venezuela until his death in Curaçao. He commented on the influence Ferdinandov bestowed on young [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1161886

  • En la orilla : notas sobre Diego Rivera
    Henríquez Ureña, Pedro, 1884-1946
    Writer/critic Pedro Henríquez Ureña describes Diego Rivera as a scholar. He compares Rivera to the Venetians and the Spaniards, the Florentines and the French, then he discusses the Mexican artist’s interest in the structure of the objects that [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 735280

  • Entrevista a Soto
    Abadie, Daniel
    The French curator DanielAbadie’s interviews with Jesús Rafael Soto. Structured as a biography, it begins with the art world of Venezuela, in Ciudad Bolívar, where Soto was born, and tells us of his work at the Escuelas de Bellas Artes in Caracas [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1101540

  • Exposition de V. do Rego Monteiro, Galerie Fabre, Paris, 1925 = Exposição de V. do Rego Monteiro, Galeria Fabre, Paris, 1925
    Raynal, Maurice
    The French art critic Maurice Raynal believes there is an innovative school of art in Brazil that is based on an intellectual aesthetic. The painter Vicente do Rego Monteiro is a member of that group. Raynal explains that Rego Monteiro, an artist [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 785135

  • Extractos de entrevistas de Soto con Claude-Louis Renard, París, 1974
    Renard, Claude-Louis, 1928-2005; Soto, Jesús Rafael, 1923-2005
    In this interview, Claude-Louis Renard seeks insights into the Venezuelan visual artist Jesús Rafael Soto’s thinking and character. Chronologically structured along biographical lines, the conversation begins with Soto’s early days as an artist [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1080788

  • Fernández
    Fernández, Agustín, 1928-
    In Agustin Fernandez’s artist statement, he begins with his formal training at the San Alejandro Academy. He also discusses how he “was to be nourished by a thousand things when [he] went abroad” and was greatly influenced by both Enrique Senal [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 801554

  • Fernando Botero expondrá en Bogotá la próxima semana
    Arango, Gonzalo, 1931-1976
    The writer Gonzalo Arango Arias interviews Fernando Botero, and includes literary remarks about the painter and the Colombian city of Medellín. He weaves in references to Botero’s experience in Europe, stressing “the poverty he endured and his [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1094494

  • From cara to caca : the multiple anatomies of Chicano/a art at the turn of the new century
    Gaspar de Alba, Alicia, 1958-
    In this essay, Alicia Gaspar de Alba reviews nine post-1990 exhibitions of Chicano art, all of which have sought to “materialize” Chicano/a from within the mainstream art museum, or as she calls it, the “master’s house.” The exhibitions [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 847058

  • González
    González, Juan, 1942-1993
    In Juan Gonzalez’s artist statement, he describes himself as very religious and traces the source of his work to the drama in Catholic imagery. He states that he works outside of the American mainstream and feels a greater connection to the “ [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 801586

  • Image and text (poetry) in the work of Consuelo (Chelo) González Amezcua, a texas artist (1903-1975)
    Quirarte, Jacinto, 1931-
    Through an analysis of Consuelo Gonzalez Amezcua’s El mosaico de las aves, art historian Jacinto Quirarte shows how the artist can both draw and depart from conventions of Western and pre-Columbian art. Quirarte argues that—as a double-sided [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 820518

  • Intervención creativa en el contexto social
    Vivas, Zuleiva, 1951-
    In this essay, which was the main text in the catalogue Arte social. Claudio Perna (Caracas: Galería de Arte Nacional, 2004), Zuleiva Vivas discusses various aspects of Perna’s life and work. She studies the artist’s work from the 1960s to the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1161969

  • Joaquín Sorolla: la vida
    Pizano, Roberto, 1896- 1929
    The text, “Joaquín Sorolla: la vida” [Joaquín Sorolla: A Life] is a biographical sketch that sets forth the merits of the painter from Valencia, Joaquín Sorolla. In this article, the Colombian painter and art critic, Roberto Pizano, tells [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1185047

  • La afirmación de los que surgen
    Samper, Darío, 1909-
    Journalist Darío Samper criticizes what he calls the “philistinism” and “Manichaeism” of 19th-century Colombian intellectuals overly influenced by foreign models, particularly by French thought whose hold on the country he deems excessive. [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1079157

  • La catedral y el arzobispo
    Ramírez Villamizar, Eduardo, 1923-2004
    In 1984, just a few months after Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar donated his sculpture Custodia Homenaje [Custodia Homage] to the recently restored cathedral in his hometown of Pamplona, he wrote the text now known as “La Catedral y el Arzobispo” [ [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1097821

  • La exposición de la Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes
    Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957
    Diego Rivera discusses the exhibition at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, and subtly conveys his disappointment with the event. He believes it is a mistake to imitate what is being done in Europe. Rivera thinks it is dangerous to encourage a “ [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 735289

  • La hora actual y nosotros
    Azula Barrera, Rafael
    This text is Colombian critic Rafael Azula Barrera’s response to Darío Samper’s article on the difference between generations. While Azula Barrera recognizes to a certain extent the legitimacy of Samper’s criticism of earlier generations, he [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1080218

  • La pintura argentina contemporánea
    Bayón, Damián
    In this text, which is the foreword to the catalogue for the exhibition 22 Contemporary Argentine Painters, Damián Bayón establishes the exclusive relationship with Europe of the visual art culture in Argentina, since there was “no relationship [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 785910

  • La pintura mexicana moderna
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    In this essay, José Sabogal praises the holdings of modern Mexican paintings from Moisés Saenz’s collection exhibited in Lima. He begins by emphasizing that many of the best artists of the Mexican revolution participated in the “intense [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1051636

  • Latinoamérica
    Engel, Walter, 1908-2005
    In the book Problemas sociales en las artes plásticas [Social Problems in the Visual Arts], the critic Walter Engel reviews different periods in the universal history of art, discussing how some cultures and artists depict social issues?such as [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1094220

  • Los caminos de la pintura
    Zuno Hernández, José Guadalupe
    In this essay, the former governor of Jalisco, José Guadalupe Zuno, discusses government support of painting, stressing its modern style. He uses the opportunity to talk about Diego Rivera, emphasizing his cultural work rather than his artistic [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 762419

  • Los Disidentes y sus críticos
    Navarro, Pascual, 1923-1985
    In this article, the Venezuelan painter, Pascual Navarro, expands on some of the principles underlying the creation of the group, Los Disidentes [The Dissidents] (Paris, 1950). The article is a response to the group’s detractors, who were [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 813952

  • Luis Caballero
    Lucie- Smith, Edward
    This article contrasts the traditional nature of artist Luis Caballero’s studies in Paris, as well as his lifestyle and work, on the one hand, and the contemporariness of his paintings and drawings, on the other. English critic and art historian [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1087966

  • Mesoamerica meets California pop : Gilbert Lujan
    Welles, Elenore
    This article by Elenore Welles profiles Chicano artist Gilbert “Magu” Lujan, and describes his art as whimsical and a reflection of his experiences. Lujan’s work, Welles writes, strikes a balance between bridging cultural gaps and preserving [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 809778