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  • El cementerio de las Bellas Artes
    Flores Guerrero, Raúl
    According to the art critic Raúl Flores Guerrero, the current stagnation and crisis of Mexican painting, was mainly due to three factors. The first factor was the lack of adequate preparation of the new generation, the second one was due to the [...]
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  • El insoluble problema del intelectual
    Marinello, Juan, 1898-1977
    In this essay, the Cuban writer Juan Marinello discusses what he calls “the problem of the intellectual.” His subject is the dilemma of an ethical commitment to being a critic and the requirement of work to obtain necessities of subsistence. To [...]
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  • Horacio Safons
    Safons, Horacio
    Horacio Safons’s response to the summons to side against the 1971 São Paulo Biennial. In his answer, Safons uses self-criticism, saying that to carry out a contra-biennial is to force himself to fight in his adversary’s field. Likewise, he [...]
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  • Rivera vuelve a mentir! : falto de argumentos recurre al insulto procaz
    Alvarado Rubio, Mario
    Mario Alvarado Rubio provides an overall analysis of the political situation in Guatemala, and goes on to say that Diego Rivera is lying about his mural because the proof that Rivera presents as genuine is, in fact, inconclusive. Alvarado Rubio [...]
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