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  • Educación para la belleza y el arte : conferencia a unos maestros
    Argul, José Pedro, 1903-
    In 1956, the art critic José Pedro Argul published a text written the year before for the faculty at the Colegio Sagrada Familia. In it, he outlined his ideas on visual art, his studies, and his philosophy. It reviewed the concept of “beauty,” [...]
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  • Sobre cuestiones de arte
    Betancourt, Félix
    In this text, the lawyer and humanist Felix Betancourt submits one of the earliest philosophical reflections on aesthetic matters ever to be expressed in Antioquia. Betancourt claims that “perfect and ultimate beauty” arises from things and from [...]
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  • Rudimentos de estética
    García, Juan Crisóstomo, 1883-1967
    After defining aesthetics as “the study of the causes of beauty” and beauty as a synonym of perfection, Colombian priest and critic Juan Crisóstomo García explains his conception of art. “Beautiful” art is an ideal since the existence of [...]
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  • Algo sobre fotografía
    Ramos, Luis Benito, 1899-1955
    In this theoretical essay written for the magazine Revista Pan, the Colombian photographer Luis B. Ramos rates “Beauty” as the only goal worth pursuing in life. In his opinion, that pursuit should be unfettered by any particular technique, though [...]
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  • Fundamentos de una estética de la Destrucción
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    As an introduction of the exhibition on arte destructivo [Destructive Art], Aldo Pellegrini wrote about the meaning of destruction, a mechanism associated with construction, just as it is perceived through observable changes in nature. Destruction, [...]
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